Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cook County's second jail break

My teenaged step-son picks up the Metra Train at Marion street in Oak Park to ride home to Geneva Sunday mornings. Wife trying to call him now to tell him to stay put until the cops get the second round of escapees from Cook County.

Six inmates, including two charged with murder, overpowered guards and escaped shortly before midnight from the Cook County Jail.Two were recaptured in Oak Park about 6 a.m., but the others were the subject of an extensive manhunt, authorities said.The escape was the second in as many days from the jail. The latest escapees are believed to have a contraband knife made inside the jail and are considered extremely dangerous, said Bill Cunningham, a spokesman for Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan. He said they escaped from a unit where inmates with discipline problems are housed.
Stuff hits close to home.

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So-Called Austin Mayor 9:39 AM  

"How am I supposed to keep my patronage army intact and run the jail when the County won't give me all the money I want?" -- Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan

dan l 10:51 AM  

For a variety reasons I'm spending a bit of time in Oak Park right now. There is a lot of police presence (more so then the usual West Side Baracade and there have been choppers flying over head all morning.

Bill Baar 1:19 PM  

My step son overslept and missed his train. Sounds like all six had hopped a west bound frieght train.

Two arrested on the ground at South Blvd and Ridgeland. A third arrested somewhere nearby I guess.

Glade my kid slept late. His sister will drive him home this afternoon.

Bag Back,  1:26 PM  

This has to be an issue in the race for Cook County Sheriff. Jailbreakers with nothing to lose tend to scare people, and I'd like to know what Tom Dart plans to do to fix this problem.

Wow,  7:49 PM  

Amazing that Claypool would go on the news and criticize Stroger about jail guards.

It's only been 72 hours since Clypool's last vote against funding for jail guards, and he voted against it last year too.

Amazing what running for office will make you say and betray what you do.

Anonymous,  8:02 PM  

When finally found, I hope these guys are brought back to the morgue instead of the jail.

Skeeter 9:05 AM  

The problem that some of have is that the last time we voted for a Republican, he did exactly what the Democrats have been accused of doing.
With no elected Republicans in Cook County, I suspect that turning the office over to the Republican would mean nothing more than replacing incompetent Democrats with incompetent Republicans.
I just do not see a difference and that is too bad. O'Grady did as much damage to the Republican Party as did Syverson and Keyes.

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