Friday, August 29, 2008

Schock will miss Peoria World Affairs Council debate

State Rep. Aaron Schock will not attend the Peoria Area World Affairs Council debate, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Sept. 10, at the Peoria City Council chambers. There's no word yet on whether the debate would proceed with other 18th District Congressional candidates Colleen Callahan (Democrat) and Sheldon Schafer (Green). It's guessing it will, and will post when I find out.

Callahan's campaign manager, Terry Towery, says they were notified by the PAWAC by phone earlier today. No explanation was given. He speculated that Schock may be trying to avoid being videotaped by the television news media during a debate with Callahan.

Towery reiterated the campaign's position that Schock is ducking the debates by either not committing to actual debates or by committing and then not showing up. And Towery said that Schock's campaign manager, Steve Shearer is "playing word games" by citing forums and joint appearances when refuting the accusations.

I've sent an email to Shearer and I am awaiting his reply.

Both campaigns have been trading snippy press releases over the debate debate issue this week.

UPDATE: Elaine Hopkins reports that the debate will go forward with or without Rep. Schock. The debate will be carried on WCBU-FM and streamed over the Internet as well.

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Anonymous,  8:48 AM  

They should go ahead and hold the debate. Shock will simply look like a fool, as he should, for refusing to participate. Why deny the other two candidates the opportunity to debate, just because one candidate doesn't want his feet held to the fire?

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