Thursday, August 28, 2008

Governor Makes Another Stupid Decision

Governor Makes Another Stupid Decision

I know.

I know.

If my son finds out I used that word, I owe a 25-cent fine.

I've just read in Springfield's State Journal-Register that Governor Rod Blagojevich has decided to close the Frank Lloyd Wright Dana Thomas House in Springfield.

I can't find the photos that I took. Must have been before the digital camera.

Governor Jim Thompson managed to find $1 million in the middle of the 1981 recession to buy the Dana Thomas House.

He helped raise $704,000 to buy a lamp designed for the house, but sold off before the state paid the $1 million for the house and furnishings, of which there were many.

Tell me how Thompson could find the money to buy the house and Blagojevich can't find the money to allow the public to see its investment from the inside?

Only 41,045 visitors in 2007, but Blagojevich's people say it will be open for “special events.”

Republican State Rep. Ted Meyer, with whom I served in the 1970's, had as his crusade the keeping of state parks open without charge to the public. I can still hear the Chicago Republican (correction made) saying,

“That's all people get from state government that's free.”

Meyer was the guiding force for restoration of Fort Massac in Southern Illinois. Meyer died in 2004.

I don't think it is appropriate to call public officials names, but a good number are coming to my mind as I contemplate this really stupid decision.

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The photos of the Dana Thomas House come from its web site.

The customized warning sign comes from the web site Image Chief.

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Anonymous,  9:36 PM  


Are you having a Senior moment? Blow the dust off of your old Blue Book.

Ted Meyer served as a REPUBLICAN from Chicago in the old three member districts; I believe it was the 28th District, if my own foggy memory is correct.

I recognize that you were new at the game but I would think that at some point you would mustered the courage to ask why they were letting a Democrat caucus with the Republicans.

Cal Skinner 2:30 PM  

You got it. Another senior moment. Thanks for the correction.

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