Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mayor Daley Speaks on Aug 25

Mayor Richard M. Daley speaks before the Illinois Delegation to the Democratic Convention in Denver on August 25th. The video is 3:36 minutes long.


Tim Degnan,  11:31 PM  

"We gots to elect dis guy Baracka Obuma cuz we git more jobs and contracts and a pardon for Robert Sorich and weez can get dis a--h-le Patrick Fitzgerald out of town.
Also, electing Obuma keeps the moolies in line because than they won't want to unite and run for Mayor. And come on guys, dis ain't no idiot like Todd Stroger"

bored now 8:07 AM  

Those, of course, were Tim's words and not a transcript of what Daley said. He just made it up. Let's hope that he was going for satire. Apparently, Tim is against letting people speak for themnselves. There may be other constitutional rights that Tim opposes, as well...

Fred,  10:34 AM  

What about Daley's participation or at least knowledge in the torture of over 200 African American men including electrocution of testicles by JON BURGE!!!!!!! What about wrongful convictions and innocent men on death row during Daley's time as State's Attorney! What about police officers accused of torture still being on during Daley's tenure and getting big political jobs in the Sherrifs office and State's Attorney.

Obama needs to speak up about police torture.
Not just corruption in Kenya but corruption in CHicago.
Not just torture in Guantanamo but torture in Area 2 and Area 3 in Chicago.

Remember Fred Hampton.

Anonymous,  4:22 PM  

Daley is so articulate. I love him. I love paying higher taxes.

John,  2:47 PM  

Instead of the media worrying about a teenage pregnancy--what about?:

Tim Degnan
Jerry Joyce
Jon Burge
Freddie Barbara
O'Hare contracts
Hired Trucks
Mike Tadin
John Daleys Insurance deals
Jerry Joyces airport deals
Tim Degnans mafia connections
John Daleys mafia connections
Michael Marchese land buys
Vaneckos pension deals
Patrick Daleys MSS
Maggie Daley's friends bookstore in the airport
Pension grabs by Degnan and Bedore
Hotels by Paul Stepan
McDonough Construction
Walsh Construction
Arson at 69 West Washington
Arson and murder by Elzie Higginbottom
Higher taxes because of all of this
Oscar Dangelo and inside deals and eminent domain
Drug dealers, murderers, sex criminals and gang bangers in HDO
Victor Reyes and CTA deals
Police torture including electrocution of testicles
Finnegan and bribing of Commanders
contract killing
bad schools
The national media should really do a story on Daley
not some 17 year old girl
because we the taxpayers are the ones getting f-ck-d and Daley is the rapist and Obama is silent and will pull out Fitzgerald.

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