Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Support victims' rights - SB 2784

The senate recently passed SB 2784, which now awaits a vote in the house. This legislation allows victims who have been wronged to receive justice in a civil court even if the responsible wrongdoer dies. Specifically, it allows the court to appoint a representative of the wrongdoer, if that person dies before the lawsuit is filed against him or her. SB 2784 is critical because innocent victims to be able to hold their wrongdoer accountable for their actions. (The Sun-Times recently printed a letter about the bill, written by the Center for Justice & Democracy - Illinois)

We should thank our senators who pushed this bill this far. Let’s hope our representatives show the same respect for victims' rights.

For more information about the Illinois civil justice system, visit illinoisdeservesthetruth.org

Disclaimer: Illinois Deserves the Truth is a project of the Center for Justice & Democracy – IL


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