Monday, April 21, 2008

Ford Heights loses police dept.

I wonder what's going on in Ford Heights, Illinois. From Channel 7...

As of Monday evening, the Cook County Sheriff's Department is providing round-the-clock police protection for the village of Ford Heights.

Sheriff Tom Dart was on hand with his team to make the announcement Monday. Dart says his department was forced to take over after Ford Heights police officers failed to show up for work.

For years, the Ford Heights Police Department has been plagued with budget problems and corruption.

Two years ago, the sheriff's department began covering two to three shifts for Ford Heights. Now, it's 24 hours a day.
The police chief was invited to attend a press conference, however, he failed to make an appearance. According to this write up, Cook County's police services in Ford Heights will cost $2 million/year.

The Tribune has a video about this as well.


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