Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ex-alderman, ex-con, ex-Dem, Jones seeks political comeback

I saw this somewhere, perhaps some Republican communique decrying this as another Republican problem. I don't know what say you out there. From Crain's today...

ormer Alderman Virgil Jones’ latest attempt to reclaim public office after serving time in prison lasted about two weeks.

Mr. Jones, a former police officer who served as alderman for the city’s 15th Ward from 1991 until he was convicted of extortion and tax charges in 1999, had attempted to fill the vacancy on the ballot for state representative in the 32nd District.

He had even switched parties, from Democrat to Republican.

State law does not prohibit convicted felons from seeking office — unlike municipal law, which prevented Mr. Jones from reclaiming his aldermanic seat, a move he attempted last year. He was rebuffed by the city Board of Elections, and when he took his case to the Illinois Supreme Court, the judges sided with the board.

Mr. Jones said Thursday he will withdraw his nomination to run on the 32nd District Republican ballot after conferring with the leaders of the Cook County and city Republican parties. His nomination application was filed 10 days ago with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

“It’s what is best for the party,” Mr. Jones said. “There will be another time (to run for office).”

Though he was a member of the Democratic Party for years, Mr. Jones said his switch to the Republican Party represents his true political ideology.

“When I was a younger man, I was a member of the Young Republicans,” he said. “In the city of Chicago, you can only get elected (if you’re a Democrat).”
that last statement sounds like a cop out. Even worse I don't know if I'd touch the guy for his criminal history. Hmmm, here's what Crain's had to say about that...
Mr. Jones spent three years in prison after being convicted of extortion in the 1990s’ FBI investigation dubbed Operation Silver Shovel, which exposed political corruption. The probe ended with 18 convictions, six of them sitting or former aldermen.

Mr. Jones maintains his innocence. “I didn’t take any money. That was a lie,” he said.

He’s also preparing to file an appeal to have his conviction overturned. “I want to serve the people. I know what the people need.”


Anonymous,  12:26 AM  

This was a huge, huge disaster by the Chicago GOP, that's led by Eloise Gerson. They thought they would brag about slating a bunch of people to fill vacant slots on the ballot, but these punks didn't care who they slated. Now it's blown up in their dirty faces. This Virgil Jones guy is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many more problems. The pressure is on Cook County Chair Lee Roupas now to take control and oust the misfits who keep embarrassing the entire GOP.

Anonymous,  2:57 PM  

How sad for the above blogger that Gerson and the Chicago GOP had nothing to do with the nomination of Jones. The paperwork was prepared and filed by Lee Roupas' County GOP office.

Should Lee Roupas oust himself now?

Anonymous,  12:07 AM  

Mr. Jones was also convicted of fraud. A bad guy all around who's got some set of balls on him to try and scam his way back into public office. Sad thing is, there are idiots out there who will vote for him.

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