Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Mother Earth Day

On this Earth Day, don't we discriminate against the many other planets in the solar system? What is so wrong with Mars? Saturn? Venus? Can't we just have "Planet day". It would be far more inclusive.

Remember Mother Earth (“ME”) was just as happy being a molten mess of volcanic death--she does not care if the grass is green, the sky blue. In fact, she does not think, and ME is not a she.

Perhaps, it should be called "ME Day", because earth day is filled with double speak where we praise mother earth but really rally to save you and ME from extinction.

I am sanguine. Although we will ultimately destroy this planet (in our standards not earth's), we will continue to blast into the heavens and begin to populate (and pollute) the universe.

Humans are far more intelligent than dinosaurs and as adaptable as cockroaches--in essence, we are tough virus’s to exterminate.

Happy ME Day


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