Saturday, April 19, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - April 19, 2008

-- VIDEO CLIP: Comments on alien message from Pope Benedict

-- Tancredo to Pope: Stop promoting amnesty (Includes video clip)

-- Democrats urge McCain to rebuke Tancredo - Anne Mulkem

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bruno Behrend blasts Tancredo

-- At Lake County Republican Federation Spring Gala, Chief Deputy Whip Eric Cantor Calls 2008 a 'Crossroads Election' - Dan Moran,5_1_WA19_GOP_S1.article

-- Little wonder that Illinoisans are upset - Frank Watson, State Senate Republican Leader
-- Many still think Obama is Muslim Long campaign taking toll on candidates - AP
-- Wall on our border needs to be built - Verda Bufkin, West Chicago

-- Lt. Gov. Trying To Keep Recall Amendment Alive Quinn And Rep. Franks Call On Voters To Urge Their Lawmakers To Vote On Issue (Includes video clip)

-- Ex-alderman, ex-con, ex-Dem, Virgil Jones seeks political comeback - Lorene Yue

-- DuPage County Election Commission: DuPage GOP challenge of Democrat candidates filed too late - Dan Petrella

-- Family Breakdown Costs Illinois Taxpayers Nearly $2 billion Annually - David E. Smith

-- School Funding Problems Provide Ripe Political Opportunity in Illinois - Dan Proft

-- Running for Illinois State Senate - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part 2) - Greg Abbott

-- Registration opens for Wheaton's 2008 Independence Day parade. Hopefully, all the Republican candidates who will be on November 4 ballots in Wheaton will participate in the parade. - Dave Diersen
(THE ARTICLE: Registration has opened for Wheaton's 2008 Independence Day Parade -- please visit: Hopefully, all the Republican candidates who will be on November 4 ballots in Wheaton will participate in the parade. Many thanks again to those who participated in or watched Wheaton's outstanding 2007 Independence Day parade. A special thanks to those who encouraged others to watch the parade, who contacted their favorite Republican parade participant and offered to help, who thanked those Republicans who participated in the parade and/or sponsored parade entries, who stopped by the staging area before the parade kicked off and thanked the Republican participants, and who applauded when they pass by. One of the major reasons why parents bring their children to parades is to see the animals in the parade. Last year, thanks to Republican contributors, parents had a really big reason to bring their children to the parade -- to see "Big Queenie." Big Queenie weighs nearly ten thousand pounds and is full grown Asian female gentle elephant who visited Wheaton earlier last year with the Barnes & Bailey Brothers circus at the DuPage County fairgrounds. During the parade, I had the honor of following immediately behind Big Queenie and twice immediately scooping up the valuable fertilizer that she generated near Adams Park. Many who stopped by the staging area before the parade kicked off, including Joe Birkett and Lisa Madigan, took advantage of the opportunity to see the beautiful and very gentile Big Queenie up close. Many took pictures. Outstandingly, at the DuPage County Fairgrounds, at 8:30 PM on July 4 last year, Wheaton Mayor Gresk announced that Big Queenie had won the Wheaton Jaycees "Best Political Entry" award. I hope that Republican sponsorship of Big Queenie and of the Chicago Highlanders in the parade will become a tradition. Outstanding Republican parade entries included: Joe Birkett, DuPage County District 4 (Grant Eckhoff, Mike Formento, J.R. McBride, and Debra Olson), Mike Fortner, Gwen Henry, Randy Hultgren, Chris Kachiroubas, Milton Township Republican Central Committee, Ron Paul, Peter Roskam, Steve Sauerberg, and Bob Schillerstrom. The following outstanding Republicans helped sponsor Big Queenie and/or the Chicago Highlanders: Mary Jo Arndt, Alan Bolds, Fred Bucholz, David Carlin, Roger Claar, Franco Coladipietro, Mike Connely, Paul Daniels, Kirk Dillard, DuPage County Young Republicans, Bob Earl, Jim Flickinger, Mike Formento, Mike Fortner, Mike Gresk, Gwen Henry, Randy Hultgren, Bob Jacobsen, Chris Kachiroubas, Gary King, Mark Kmiecik, Bob Larsen, J.R. McBride, Debra Olson, Mike Prueter, Peter Roskam, Darlene Ruscitti, Leonard Sanchez, Ron Smith, Phil Suess, and Tim Whelan. Because the Democrat dominated news media did not report the news that Big Queenie would walk in the parade, we will never know exactly how many more would have come and watched the parade to see her - 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000? I wonder how the Democrat dominated news media responded to its readers and viewers (and their children) who complained when they learned about the elephant being in the parade only after it was too late attend the parade to see her? Which individuals and/or organizations stopped reporter Jim Fuller and his supervisor Bob Sanchez from reporting the news that Big Queenie a) would walk in the parade and b) did walk in the parade?)
-- Many attend reception for Bob Larsen - Dave Diersen
(THE ARTICLE: According to reports, many attended a reception for DuPage County District 6 Board candidate Bob Larsen at the Glen Oaks Country Club Thursday evening, April 17. Attendees included Fred Bucholz, John Dabrowski, Bob Earl, Sal Falbo, Pam Fenner, Mike Formento, Matt Fuesting, Joyce Hundhausen, Mike Kwasman, Gary Muehlfelt, Don Puchalski, Ron Smith, and Jim Zay.)

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