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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - April 5, 2008

-- No Consensus Favorite Among Republicans for McCain VP Former rivals Huckabee, Romney most often mentioned - Jeffrey M. Jones

-- 24 Social Conservatives, Including Barber, Jackson, and LaBarbera, Warn Against Romney as McCain's VP - Penny Starr

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD IN DUPAGE EDITION: DIERSEN HEADLINE: Beyond outrageously, DuPage County Democrat Party Chairman Bob Peickert said DuPage County residents are "fed up with the Republican way of life in the county" even though Republican leadership has made DuPage County one the safest and most prosperous counties in the nation. Villa Park Trustee Tom Cullerton filed to run against Pankau, Jim Hagerty of Roselle filed to run against Coladipietro, Joseph Heneghan of Woodridge filed to run against Connelly, Stan Jagla of Roselle filed to run against Kachiroubas, David Meek of Westmont filed to run against Bucholz, Dan Bailey filed to run for a District 4 seat on the county board, and Steve Paglia of Naperville filed for the District 5 seat on the county forest preserve board. Cronin blasted the Democrats for not participating in the primary election process, said Cullerton is "little bit confused," and said that the Democrats picked "people who have an ax to grind."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Because Illinois Democrats have spend so many tax dollars on welfare projects, the state lacks "matching funds" to take advantage of all the funding for transportation capital projects that the federal government is offering. Kirk blasts Illinois Democrats for the state not having the matching funds, but it seems that Kirk did not blast Illinois Democrats for spending so many tax dollars on welfare projects.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: TERRORISTS OVERJOYED: At the April 8 Downers Grove annual township meeting, Democrats will try to get the following question on November 4 ballots: "Shall the United States government immediately begin an orderly and rapid withdrawal of all of its military personnel from Iraq, beginning with the National Guard and Reserves?"
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: TERRORISTS OVERJOYED: O.C. Bud Grey of Arlington Heights argues that fighting terrorism is not worth the cost
-- State is real villain for high sales taxes - Phil Collins, North Chicago

-- DuPage County judges Burke and Jorgensen appointed to appeals court,1,7907159.story
-- Dueling Democrat, GOP ideas on jump-starting Illinois economy - Ashley Wiehle and Ray Long
-- The Sexually Transmitted Disease scare for teens - Editorial,0,679779.story

-- Obama's insistence on sex-ed leaves America's youth unprotected - Fran Eaton,040508eaton.article

-- Big Jim Thompson on McCain, Obama, Clinton and conservatives - Jeff Berkowitz

-- Illinois: Rich State or Poor State? - Dan Proft
-- Senate Democrats: Raiders of the Lost Funds - Senate Republicans

-- Champaign County Republicans name their delegates to the Illinois Republican Party convention - Paul Wood

-- A three-judge panel heard testimony Friday in a Naperville high school student's appeal to wear a T-shirt expressing opposition to homosexuality - AP,na04_tshirtweb_s1.article

-- Lawmakers angry over Blagojevich's threat to university budgets - Kurt Erickson

-- 'Graduated' income tax climbs onto table in Springfield - Greg Hinz

-- CNN Sympathetically Portrays Obama’s Church As Being ‘Under Siege’ - Matthew Balan
-- AP Covers for Obama by Avoiding Church's, and Pastor's, Essence - Tom Blumer

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Hopefully, a boycott will be called for against Swedish vodka maker Absolut. Absolut promotes a pre-1848 map of north America that constructively urges Mexico to formally declare war on America to achieve its pre-1848 "perfect" world. What will Absolut urge next? Will Absolut a) urge Germany, Italy, and Japan to get together again to make another try at conquering the world or b) urge the Soviet Union to get together again to make another try at imposing communism on the world? (Includes an insulting map)

-- Media: Imagining a world without newspapers

-- Follow Your Bylaws Or Else! - Eric Tars

-- Organizations and their bylaws: Some things your GOPUSA Illinois Editor feels very strongly about - Dave Diersen
-- You should not join an organization unless you have first read its bylaws, especially the articles that deal with a) the organization's objectives, b) the responsibilities and rights that its members have, c) the responsibilities and rights that its officers have, and d) its meetings
-- You should not join an organization unless a) you agree with the organization's objectives as stated in its bylaws, b) you can comply with the organization's bylaws, and c) you will comply with the organization's bylaws
-- Members and officers of organizations should always know what the organization's bylaws require and fully comply with those requirements
-- Bylaws should require members and officers to periodically affirm a) that they accept the organization's objectives, b) that they will work to achieve the organization's objectives, and c) they will not work against achieving the organization's objectives
-- Bylaws should require organizations to develop a budget, to approve a budget, to follow a budget, and to make the organization's financial information available to its members
-- Bylaws should require organizations to hold meetings, to keep attendance records for those meetings, to keep written minutes of those meetings, and to make meeting minutes available to members
-- Bylaws should require organizations to keep their members fully informed of the organization's plans, meetings, and activities
-- Bylaws should require its members to assure that the organization's Secretary always has their current contact information including their phone number and email address
-- Bylaws should specify in sufficient detail the responsibilities and rights that members have and officers have
-- Bylaws should include procedures to censure members and officers who willfully refuse to carry out their responsibilities
-- Bylaws should include recall provisions
-- Organizations should periodically review their bylaws and amend or revise them as necessary
-- Bylaws always have been written in a way and should continue to be written in a way so that they are always appropriate for full disclosure to the public, including full disclosure to those who oppose the organization's objectives
-- Every organization should always post its bylaws prominently on its website

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