Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - April 23, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Republican State Representatives Bellock, Coladipietro, Fortner, Meyer, Pihos, and Reboletti to hold an open forum on the state's financial condition at 7:00 PM this evening at the Wheaton Community Center Auditorium. Very sadly, Democrats will call for tax increases for all kinds of programs. However, everyone knows that Blagojevich will use any increased tax revenue earmarked for "education" or for "capital improvement" or for anything else instead for programs that will attract people to Illinois who have severe health, financial, and other problems.,6_1_NA23_TOWNHALL_S1.article
(THE ARTICLE: Area residents may offer their feedback about the Illinois budget at a town hall meeting tonight. State Reps. Jim Meyer, R-Naperville; Patti Bellock, R-Westmont; Sandra Pihos, R-Glen Ellyn; Franco Coladipietro, R-Carol Stream; Mike Fortner, R-Wheaton; and Dennis Reboletti, R-Addison, will discuss the state's financials from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Wheaton Community Center Auditorium, 1777 S. Blanchard St., Wheaton. The meeting is intended to give residents an open forum to express their opinions, priorities, perspectives and ideas concerning the state's financial situation, Pihos said in a written statement. "I hope people will take advantage of this great opportunity to discuss some of these issues as well as offer their comments on upcoming budget negotiations and our current fiscal situation," she said. "Comments are also welcome on a proposed capital improvement plan as well." The forum will begin with a short PowerPoint presentation, followed by comments, feedback and questions from the audience. Testimony or written comments by any group is welcome. Contact Pihos at 630-858-8855 or community@sandra

-- Underground links likely to resurface for Obama - John Kass,1,4967065.column
(FROM THE COMMENTARY: Broadway Baby was not mentioned during the Democratic infighting in Pennsylvania. But Broadway Baby - once a chic children's boutique in Manhattan's Upper West Side - is the future, if Barack Obama is the presidential candidate in the fall. This story involves two Chicagoans, former Weather Underground terrorist leaders Bernardine Dohrn and her husband, William Ayers, both Obama supporters who blessed his initial foray into politics. Last week, the unrepentant Ayers became a flash point in Obama's debate with Hillary Clinton. "And what they [Weather Underground] did was set bombs and in some instances people died," said Clinton, sweetly playing the white terrorist card. "I know Sen. Obama is a good man and I respect him greatly, but I think this is an issue that certainly the Republicans will be raising."')
-- GOP hopeful Ozinga defends effort to start minority-owned spinoff business Minority-owned firm target of Tribune probe - Erika Slife,0,2281410.story
-- DuPage hikes non-union county workers' pay Merit raises are also approved,1,2060428.story

-- DuPage workers getting raises of 1.5 percent to 4.5 percent - Jake Griffin
-- Rep. Suzanne Bassi describes vexing Springfield impasse - Michael Sean Comerford
-- Is Illinois finally ready for reform? - Editorial
-- Daily Herald missed the point of the visit by Mexican officials - Dave Gorak, Executive Director, Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration
-- Illinois Policy Institute and Citizens Against Government Waste booklet outlines government waste - Thaddeus J. Kochanny, Ingleside
-- Change that would be bad for America - Robert Graham, Naperville
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Rueben Navarrette condemns Americans, again

-- Clinton stays alive, will argue she leads in popular vote - Robert Novak,novak042208.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Mary Mitchell charges Clinton with "exploiting bigotry" to win in Pennsylvania,mitchell042208.article

-- Vote 'yes' in November to constitutional convention - Rich Miller,042308miller.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Marijuana sellers and users are overjoyed: Sugar Grove loosens up its marijuana law,2_1_AU23_TICKETS_S1.article

-- E-Verify bill on way to House - David Gialanella,3_1_EL23_A1EVERIFY_S1.article

-- Money race in 6th Congressional District getting closer - Josh Singer,g5-campaign-042208-s1.article

-- Rauschenberger v. Obama - Rich Miller

-- VERY SAD: 28 House Dems sponsor state universal health care plan - Fran Eaton

-- VERY SAD: Homosexual "Day of Silence" Scheduled for later This Week - David E. Smith

-- VERY SAD: Chelsea Clinton's Gay Bar Crawl Campaigning - Ann Turner

-- Democrat Dianne McGuire Has Raised Over $51,000 In House 96th District Race - Steve Kier

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