Sunday, April 20, 2008

2 yrs. later, is Illinois still 'state of shame'?

Not much here to report apparently other than the governor's plan to help unemployed veterans' find a job. According to this article in 2005 1 in 3 veterans who sought help from state's Department of Employment Security were able to find jobs. I suppose there question here is what's the situation now?


Gulf war vet,  10:45 PM  

Rod Blagojevich is a lying unpatriotic criminal.
The vet program is a joke.
The veterans preference is a lie and joke and is not being used.
Except some of the guys at IDOT--they are true veterans and good guys and try to help veterans.
But their overall boss the soon to be indicted governor is the enemy of veterans.

Pat Quinn should be governor.
The Iraqi war hero Republican state sen who is in Iraq should be LtGov.
Roy Dolgas should be head of IDOT.

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