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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - April 14, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama mocks Clinton, says "She's talking like she's Annie Oakley.",CST-NWS-obama14.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Outrageously, Steinberg says "Small towns of America are chock-a-block with bitter gun fanatics nursing their wounded pride with a thick salve of religion and xenophobia." Outrageously Steinberg says "Obama told the truth" but then blasts Obama for saying it.,CST-NWS-stein14.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Illinois Auditor General William Holland may probe $1 million that Blagojevich had Illinois give the Loop Lab School - Dave McKinney,CST-NWS-pilgrim14.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama mocks Clinton, says "She's talking like she's Annie Oakley.",0,2872539.story (Includes video clip)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Manya A. Brachear reports on Wright's latest tirades. "On Sunday, he called out the reporters who slipped into the service to cover the funeral against the family's wishes.",0,1749924.story

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD IN DUPAGE EDITION: DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats advocate moral relativism and Republicans advocate the rule of law. Some question a recent DuPage County jail study. What percentage of those who commit crime are registered Democrats and what percentage are registered Republicans? What percentage of those who commit crime in DuPage County live outside of DuPage County? What percentage of those who enforce laws are registered Democrats and what percentage are registered Republicans? Tragically, people who have financial difficulties, who are younger, and who are members of certain ethnic or racial groups commit disproportionately more crime than those who do not have financial difficulties, who are older, and who are members of other ethnic or racial groups. Outrageously, Democrats deny that is true but nevertheless outrageously blame all of it on Republicans and outrageously argue that Republicans disproportionately enforce laws against the Democrat Party's key constituencies - those who have financial problems, those who are younger, and those who are members of certain ethnic and racial groups.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama mocks Clinton, says "She's talking like she's Annie Oakley."
-- God, politics mix at Democratic forum - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Associated Press: Wright mum on statements he made at Pincham's funeral
(Not posted as of 6:30 AM)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Those who advocate surrender to terrorists decry the fact that DuPage County voters oppose that
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: A country is defined by its borders. To abolish a country's borders is to abolish the country. Beyond outrageously, James P. Jones of Wheaton wants America to throw open its borders, that is, to abolish its borders, that is, to abolish America.

-- Civil war in Springfield might be worse than we thought - Rich Miller,041408miller.article

-- Kane County: Silent fight over voting machines Technician says lawsuit followed years of trying to get word out - Dan Campana,2_1_AU14_ESLATE_S1.article

-- DuPage County: Tax windfall going to salaries - Paige Winfield,3_1_EL14_A3DUPAGETAX_S1.article
-- VERY SAD: India's sex-selective abortion growing more entrenched - Tim Sullivan (QUESTIONS: What percent of those aborted in America are male? What percent of those aborted in America are female?),3_1_EL14_A12INDIA_S1.article

-- Time to hurry up and wait in Springfield? Patience is a necessary virtue for members of Illinois Senate - Doug Finke

-- Embattled pastor's eulogy blasts Fox News - Evelyn Holmes
-- Obama: War of words rekindled (Includes video clip)

-- State Capitol Notebook

-- Rezko trial suggests Illinois state pension fund was playground for political insiders - Mike Robinson
(FROM THE ARTICLE: No one is claiming political insiders dipped into the fund. But money management firms paid big finder's fees to politically connected insiders who helped them get multimillion-dollar allocations, Levine testified. For example, Springfield lobbyist and former Republican National Committee treasurer Robert Kjellander got a hefty finder's fee from the Washington-based money management firm Carlyle Group - which once boasted former President George Bush and other international luminaries among its advisers - for getting a $150 million allocation from the fund. Kjellander got a finder's fee _ not a kickback. The difference: He was not in control of the board and merely used influence to get the allocation for his client and collect his fee. In contrast, Rezko allegedly controlled the pension fund's board and could force the firms to pay kickbacks or see their hopes of getting an allocation killed.)

-- Day 54: 11th Congressional District GOP Leaders Still Slumber - Lee Newcom
-- Save the American Worker (Part 2) - Rosanna Pulido

-- Illinois, We DO Have a Voice - Vote YES on ConCon NOW - Warner Todd Huston (Includes video clip)

-- Wright Slams Fox News, O'Reilly

-- Wright Sounds Off At Eulogy for Chicago Judge
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Rev. Jeremiah Wright told a congregation in Norfolk, Va., on Sunday that reporters sneaked into a private funeral service a day before, in which he blasted America’s founding fathers for slavery and white supremacy and received standing ovations for attacking FOX News for covering his anti-American sermons.)

-- Clinton keeps cutting Obama on "flub" - Michael McAuliff, Kenneth R. Bazinet, and Ian Bishop

-- 'Bitter-gate' Update: Obama Fights Back - Chris Cillizza

-- Great Expectations for Freedom's Watch Seem All but Dashed - Michael Luo
-- Clinton Portrays Herself as a Pro-Gun Churchgoer - Julie Bosman
-- ‘Steady Hand’ for the G.O.P. Charlie Black Guides McCain on a New Path - Kate Zernike
-- To disclose or not? - Robert H. Frank

-- Obama's Controversial Former Pastor Criticizes Media at Funeral (Includes audio clip)
-- Rev. Wright: Fox's Hannity 'Stuck on Stupid' Obama's Former Minister Breaks Silence, Rips Fox News During Funeral Service

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The Democrat Party platform is outrageously anti-religious -- it promotes socialism, abortion, and homosexual activity. Nevertheless, outrageously, Democrats Clinton and Obama "battle for religious voters"

-- Chevy Corvette -- No mistaking the shape Chevy's Corvette is famous for many reasons. Keith Roysdon

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