Monday, April 14, 2008

Not safe for work---Jerk in Rockford harasses pro-life protesters

If you are working, save this one for home. It is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

When you are ready, click on this Google video link, and you'll see a rude jerk harass an anti-abortion protester with the repeated use of the "N" word in Rockford.

Don't we have hate crime laws against this kind of activity?

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the Other Anonymous,  11:21 AM  

Yeah, that was pretty disgusting. (I say this as someone who is pro-choice.) That guy is an idiot.

But hate crime? Hard to tell. Remember, a hate crime is committed when an underlying crime -- battery, vandalism -- is committed that is motivated by race, religion, gender, etc.

Stupidity and loutishness is not an underlying crime. Nor is free speech -- whether it's protesting an abortion clinic, making slurs against Islam, or the behavior of the jerk in the video.

I bring this up only because so many times opposition to hate crimes is equated to preventing free speech or thought. It's not; you have to commit a criminal act before the hate crimes law can even apply.

DuPage Saint,  10:12 PM  

Hate crime shamate crime. A crime should be a crime, everyone created equal right? I'm some old white guy, strike that, white guy and get hit on the head, punish the criminal for what he did not what he thought.

Anonymous,  10:41 AM  

As a former clinic escort (guiding patients into a clinic through crowds of protestors) I can assure you that what that knucklehead said is nothing compared to the abuse that protestors heaped on me and thte patients I guided to the door. I was kicked, spat on, shoved, called every name in teh book and provoked in every way they could imagine, all trying to get me to throw a punch (they never succeded with me or any of the other escorts I knew). Pathetic, really; pitiable behavior.

Anonymous,  5:39 PM  

Well, glad to see the educational system in Rockford is working so well. Looks like someone needs a broader vocabulary. Seems like he only knows 2-3 words. Someone start passing out dictionaries and perhaps a copy or two of a Miss Manners book.


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