Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blagojevich ally angrily criticizes House recall amendment

I'm surprized that the Tribune would actually print this article on their online edition let alone in their newspapers. Someone was bound to oppose this even if the governor himself is for it although if it ever gets thru the main person it will affect is the governor himself.

Tensions flared Wednesday as a top ally to Gov. Rod Blagojevich angrily used an expletive on the House floor while condemning a plan that would allow voters to oust the governor and other top officials.

The rare outburst came as lawmakers discussed a proposed constitutional amendment that would let voters recall constitutional officers and state legislators.

Some of the amendment's backers have made clear it's aimed at Blagojevich, whose fighting with lawmakers from both parties has caused major gridlock on key issues during the past year.

Rep. Jay Hoffman, a Collinsville Democrat and Blagojevich's House floor leader, called the amendment unnecessary and said lawmakers should focus on issues such as health care expansion and a statewide construction program.

"End the cycle of finger-pointing," Hoffman said. "Stop the bullsh*t!"
I changed the i in that last word so I won't get myself in trouble if this was my own blog I would actually post that. Anyway perhaps Rep. Hoffman should worry less about this recall effort and help his Governor, the man he represents on the floor of the house, to pass and implement a capital plan and health care expansion. Otherwise we might have another reason to recall the Governor of Illinois.


Anonymous,  2:49 PM  

It's not B/S's the truth & pointing the finger {at least one} to the main culprit & people {on both sides} are tired of said B/S & want Blago gone...soon ! Recall, though a public policy that can be "dangerous" if not used right & to the letter of the law, can & maybe the only way to get the "guv" & his cronies out. It's not something to take lightly but if ever someone was an excellent example or candidate for's Blago. Illinois is bankrupt & lacking in leadership.

Krakow,  11:31 PM  

The bill shouldn't include judges. But it should DEFINITELY include county officials, especially Cook County officials.

Anonymous,  6:27 AM  

Of course it should include judges. They aren't any different than any other person. Especially the ones in Sangamon County.

Yellow Dog Democrat 8:12 AM  

There is a good reason not to have popular recall of judges. Its called an independent judiciary.

You don't really want special interest groups threatening to run recall campaigns against judges if they don't like their decision, do you?

Keep in mind that unlike the big corporations that would likely fund these campaigns, JUDICIAL CANDIDATES CAN'T EVEN ASK FOR MONEY.

As for recall of county officials, their election is not governed by the Constitution. Its governed, I believe, by state statute, but I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous,  2:43 PM  

If this clown of a Governor was doing His job this would not even be an issue.

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