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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - April 9, 2008

-- Illinois GOP needs an extreme makeover - Chris Lauzen,2_4_AU06_LAUZEN_S1.article
-- Recall amendment backed Valley officials support legislation to give voters the option - Elisabeth Kilpatrick,2_1_AU09_RECALL_S1.article

-- House OKs right to recall vote - Amber Krosel
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: DuPage County has nine townships. Yesterday evening, DuPage County surrender advocates tried and failed to get a surrender referendum on November 4 ballots in two of those nine townships, Bloomingdale and Downers Grove
-- Study: No need for new DuPage jail Double-bunking cells, adding jailers among report's recommendations - Jake Griffin
-- SB2288: Reject ploy to hike taxes for education - Chris Jenner, Cary
-- Obama's strange views on racism - Roy W. Mashek, Downers Grove

-- Lawmakers cite governor in voting for recall bill - Ray Long and Jeffery Meitrodt,0,2666005.story
-- New DuPage budget shows raises for workers - Joseph Sjostrom,1,4508466.story
-- New jail not needed in DuPage, study shows Only modest increase in inmates is forecast - Joseph Sjostrom,1,1286792.story
-- Recall: Now it's the Senate's turn - Editorial,0,3039081.story
-- West Chicago: Tax increase may pay for new water meters,1,3223991.story
-- Glen Ellyn: Infrastructure plan with DuPage OKd,1,2437557.story

-- House passes plan to let voters recall state officials Anger at Blagojevich drives measure, but Senate approval iffy - Dave McKinney,CST-NWS-recall09.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Blagojevich overjoyed: Chicago Sun-Times opposes recall,CST-EDT-edit09.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: OUTRAGEOUS: Ron Pollack argues that Illinois taxpayers kill 960 of their fellow residents each year because they do not provide free/subsidized health care insurance for their fellow residents who say they cannot afford it,CST-NWS-insure09.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party. No Republican would ever abuse an elephant. Hundley argues that handlers frequently abuse elephants in America. Does Hundley want to end elephant abuse in America, or is Hundley really arguing that handlers have to abuse elephants in order to display them, so therefore, elephants should not be displayed in America?,CST-NWS-circus09.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Andrew Greeley demonizes everyone who does not agree with him, again,CST-EDT-greel09.article

-- Gubernatorial run in mix for Senator Dan Rutherford - Mike Riopell

-- Let Senate debate recall measure - Editorial

-- GOP slates Shelstrom to oppose Maloney in 18th Senate District race - Nathaniel Zimmer,040908shelstrom.article

-- Bill sponsored by state Sen. Pamela Althoff grants quick-take powers

-- Chicago GOP drafts 28 candidates for fall ballot - Fran Eaton

-- Illinois General Assembly Republicans: 760 years of experience working for you - John Biver
-- Listening to Tom Cross (Part 1) - John Biver

-- Berkowitz w/Radogno on Obama, Blago and the Combine

-- VERY SAD: Gay Groups to Lobby for Counterfeit Marriage Legislation - David E. Smith

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obviously, because the Democrat Party platform promotes abortion, homosexual activity, and socialism, no religious person should ever support a Democrat candidate. Outrageously, the Democrat Party has made some progress outrageously arguing that GOD does not really have a problem with abortion or with homosexuality and that GOD wants Democrats elected because GOD is really a socialist. Outrageously, Democrats constructively argue that the most important you can do to get into HEAVEN is to elect Democrats who will use government to take more and more from those who are productive and give more and more to those who are not.

-- Rezko Trial Highlights 'Pay-to-Play' Issue - Kevin McDermott
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: OUTRAGEOUS: Ron Pollack argues that Illinois taxpayers kill 960 of their fellow residents each year because they do not provide free/subsidized health care insurance for their fellow residents who say they cannot afford it

-- Republicans attack 11th District candidate Halvorson - Edward Felker

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Reid Wilson says Oberweis is a 'flawed candidate." I wonder what Wilson's critics say Wilson is.

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The Associated Press trumpets that "As a teenager, Bill Foster's idea of fun was building computers out of spare parts." But outrageously, the AP continues cover up the very serious charges that Foster's former wife made against him, the type of charges that the AP would use to stop any Republican from winning a primary election let alone winning a general election.

-- Absolut vodka pulls ad showing California in Mexico

-- Obama: Race hustler with the best of them - Burt Prelutsky

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Those who are temporarily driving down the United States economy to a) elect Democrats on November 4 and b) temporarily slow down the flood of illegal immigration, are succeeding
-- Obama's Minister Problem - Lanny Davis

-- New Partnership Boosts Do-Not-Call Registry - Shane D'Aprile

-- All the DuPage County Milton Township elected officials are Republicans. The 110+ attendees at Milton Township's outstanding 158th Annual Meeting, which included Fred Bucholz, Blanche Fawell, Mike Formento, Gary King, and Ron Smith, showed appreciation for the outstanding service that the township provides each year. - Dave Diersen
(THE ARTICLE: Milton Township includes all of Wheaton and Glen Ellyn and parts of surrounding municipalities. All the Milton Township elected officials are Republicans - Township Clerk Arlene DeMotte, Assessor Bob Earl, Trustee Sal Falbo, Trustee Jim Flickinger, Supervisor Chris Heidorn, Trustee Bob Larsen, Highway Commissioner Gary Muehlfelt, and Trustee Leonard Sanchez. The 110 registered voters who attended Milton Township's 158th Annual Meeting Tuesday evening at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center showed appreciation for the outstanding service that the township provides each year. Pat Bond served as the meeting's Moderator. Heidorn narrated a video presentation on the townships's accomplishment during the year. He announced that next fiscal year's budget will reduce taxes collected without cutting any services such as public safety, roadway maintenance, and assistance to low income residents. Attendees included Alan Bolds, Fred Bucholz, Lori Carlson, Joe Caruso, John Day, Dave DeMotte, Dave Diersen, Chris Edwards, Tim Elliott, Blanche and Jeff Fawell, Mike Formento, Amy Grant, Gail and Ralph Hinkle, Marie Jensen, Bob Jacobsen, Gary King, Georgia Koch, Martin Keller, Dr. Bob Krzyzewski, Antonio Lollino, Ron Menna, Pam Mitroff, Dave Molitor, Maria Rook, Patrick Ryan, Ron Smith, Mark Stern, Herb Wehling, and Tim Whelan.)

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