Friday, April 04, 2008

Jack Franks Dominates Springfield News Wednesday, But Fails To Earn Sun-Times Headline

Reading my Chicago Sun-Times at breakfast yesterday, I noticed two stories about Springfield.

One was of about State Rep. Jack Franks' committee hearing about the $1 million promised to Pilgrim Baptist Church after the landmark building burned down.

The million went to the unrelated private Loop Lab School run by convicted felon Chandra Gill, it turns out, which Governor Rod Blagojevich had to pardon for the school to get the money.

Franks got his name in the paper on page 4, but appears in the headline only as “Rep.”

A second article on the same page tells of Franks' amending his recall constitutional amendment to exclude judges.

But no headline credit for Franks again.

He deserves one and there it is right on top.

Franks and his father Herb go fishing with judges and retired judges.

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Anonymous,  9:33 AM  

The only thing he should get credit for is no money for McHenry County. He never has solutions and just grandstands as part of his neverending effort to self promote at the taxpayers expense.

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