Friday, July 06, 2007

WQAD: Blagojevich: Democratic House speaker really a Republican

What a circus Illinois's become. Via WQAD,

Blagojevich said today that the House speaker should "stop being a Republican." Blagojevich may be blaming Madigan and the House Democrats, but they're not the only roadblock. The Democratic-controlled state Senate hasn't approved his budget either.
JPT (and the GOP) so lucky she lost the election.

Where did the Greens go with all of this? All I see on their website is the War in Iraq taking top billing.

When the Democratic Gov is outting a key Democrat Party Leader as a closet Republican it might be the time for a third party to come out and say the Gov's right and here's what makes Greens different.


Anonymous,  12:49 PM  

The only thing that's right about that charge is that Speaker Madigan embraces many core conservative Republican values better than a great many of the "Republicans" in Springfield.

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