Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mike Madigan a Republican

And Rod Blagojevich is a Governor.


Levois 10:03 PM  

And Blago wonders why he's having problems right now.

Anonymous,  11:25 PM  

Mayor Daley is a Republican, and you did not know?

Anonymous,  11:31 PM  


Anonymous,  11:22 AM  

It should be noted for the record that Insanity is a valid ground for Impeachment. There has been at least one instance on the federal level where a federal judge was Impeached and removed from the bench on the Grounds of Insanity,

The Governor's unstable behavior leads me and many others to give thought to the need for this ultimate option against him, to avoid further damgae to our state.

Anonymous,  5:35 PM  

Blago is like a little girl he didnt get his way so now he is going to cry and call names and take his ball and go home(on a taxpayerfunded plane)

Anonymous,  12:01 PM  

Cal, Rod seems to be taking a page from Jack Roeser's book in accusing his political opponent of being a member of the opposing political party.

Looks about as ridiculous when Dems do it as when Republicans do it.

Anonymous,  3:17 PM  

Nice stain on the paper. Is that coffee? lol

Cal Skinner 9:08 PM  

Guess again. I have never drunk coffee.

Anonymous,  4:17 PM  

How could he be a Republican? He and his team actually win elections in IL.

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