Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Illinois Property Tax Appeals Board asks Lisa about Dad

Yesterday in Crains: Madigan asked to rule on dad’s potential conflict

The Tax Appeals Board's Ronald Messina writes Illinois's AG a letter,

In an official — and politically explosive — letter, the Illinois Property Tax Appeals Board requested that Ms. Madigan issue a formal opinion on whether her father’s second job as a property-tax appeals lawyer disqualifies him from taking a leadership role in a huge ongoing debate over whether to extend or cut an existing 7% annual limit on tax hikes on residential property in Cook County.
But the letter potentially places Ms. Madigan in an awkward position. If she rules he’s in a conflict, she would be publicly chastising her father. If she rules he’s not, she would open herself up to criticism of pulling a punch to benefit her father.
Guess that's the conflicts you get when your in a family business.


fed up,  10:07 AM  

I wonder if reps that a farmers a expected to ignore farm legislation or reps with medical experiance are not to vote on blagos health care plan. I remember when the law that passed making dental check ups mandatory before a child enters school was sponsored by a dentist.

Yellow Dog Democrat 10:17 AM  

Dear Mr. Messina,



Attorney General Lisa Madigan

P.S. Attacking Speaker Madigan for helping people fight to lower their property taxes not only lacks sound legal footing, it has no political legs either.

P.P.S. How much money goes into your pocket and the pocket of Assessor Houlihan if your proposed 7% bill passes?

Bill Baar 10:27 AM  

YDD, you think it's the Gov smearing the Speaker?

Anonymous,  1:19 PM  

Bill I think the gov is grasping for straws. But I have to admit I want property tax caps. This wouldnt bee an issue if TIFS were not creating a second unregulated source of tax money for certain entities. How much TIF money is being diverted from the tax rolls to special funds that must be made up by higher taxes.IF NOT FOR TIFS THERE WOULD BE A BUDGET SURPLUS

Suburbanon,  2:59 PM  

Messina is a Houlihan guy so anything he says or does is tainted to begin with.

This is nothing more than the Assessor trying to bend the rules since he can't win a fair fight.

FED UP,  10:41 AM  

Do the other lawyers in the chamber not vote on changes to the criminal code. Do the farmers in the chamber ignore farm matters, do the accountants in the chamber ignore tax matters, I disagree with madigans ideas on property tax but he should not be silenced. the real problem and cause of raising property taxes Is the ABUSE OF TIFS, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE BEING DIVERTED INTO SLUSH FUNDS WITH NO PUBLIC SCRUTINTY OR ACCOUNTABILITY RFROM THE TAX ROLLS AND THEN DALEY SAYS WE NEED HIGHER TAXES.

A Citizen,  4:05 PM  

M Madagin and his Attorney General daughter Lisa are two democrats I view as having a measure of integrity far above the other dem leaders i.e. the Gov and the Senate Pres. I would not expect a conflict to enter into his thought process which ever way he might vote. This is simply and transparently a cheap shot from a governor who can't seem to keep his word and who has many ethical conflicts - Rezko, subpoenas etc. - himself.

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