Friday, July 27, 2007

An I-Pass Impasse

Artistmac from YouTube talks about his gripes with the Illinois Tollroads and especially the I-Pass.


Cal Skinner 11:52 PM  

A product called SharePass was invented by some McHenry County folks. It costs $5.95.

the Other Anonymous,  9:25 AM  

Sorry, no suggestions on using the transponder in multiple vehicles.

But it's interesting that the product was designed to be used in only one car at a time. My pet peeve with the new toll structure and I-PASS is that it penalizes people who only rarely use the tollway; this sounds like another facet of the same problem.

Take, for example, a Chicago resident who uses the tollways maybe 6 times a year. At 50 cents a toll, that's a total of $3/yr -- so it would take about 17 years to pay off the $50 of tolls loaded onto the transponder. This person is far more likely to just end up paying cash, meaning that the tolls for that person just doubled.

The problem is even worse if you can't move the transponder from car to car.

The toll highway authority is making a mint, I bet, from taking these $50 deposits that take years and years to use up, and putting them in interest bearing accounts. The casual users end up subsidizing the daily commuters -- and the accompanying urban sprawl.

I hate I-PASS too.

Anonymous,  3:40 PM  

Mine came with velcro.

JL,  1:08 AM  

Dear Friends, they ALL come with Velcro. Yours, did too, as I can clearly see in your video.

Just call the Tollway and ask them to send you more Velcro. Put one set of Velcro in one car, and another in the other car. You can easily move the transponder from car to car.

If you don't want to put the velcro in the second car, just hold the damn thing up to your windshield, but be sure to hold it up there about 500 to 1,000 feet in advance of the tollbooth, and even then, you can't be totally sure your toll will be recorded.

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