Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McLean County Pundit: Hastert not running

The pundit says,

Following on the heals of Mike Stokke’s announcement on McLean County Pundit that he would not seek Dennis Hastert’s Congressional seat, sources close to Speaker Hastert’s office (not Mike Stokke) have informed McLean County Pundit that employees have been told to update their resumes and seek other employment. The former Speaker of the House will not seek re-election. Developing . . . .
via Illinois Review

Going to be fun times in both parties in Illinois's 14th district.


Anonymous,  1:21 PM  

"heals"? Is Mike Stokke a healer?

Anonymous,  1:28 PM  

Lauzen is the true and consistent conservative with a record of being in close touch with his constiuents.

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