Sunday, July 22, 2007

Someone has figured it all out....

From OpenLine in the Beacon News (the column people call in with opinions)

Dissension refreshing
I kind of like what's going on down in Springfield. I like the dissension in the ranks amongst the Democratic Party because it shows that they're each individual thinkers and they have their disagreements, unlike the Republican Party that is run like a communist dictatorship in that no one is allowed to disagree with the party. If anyone disagrees with the party, their campaign funds are cut off and they are summarily thrown out of the party. That's the way it works nationally, anyway. Is that what you want? You want a communist dictatorship running the country?

Dude, if the Communists worked like Illinois Republicans Communism would have died out in 1918...



Bill Baar 6:35 AM  

Illinois Communists have been pretty faithful Blagojevich supporters and they cover him favorable usually.

It's worth noting today's Democrats are for the most part direct descendents of the Democrats thrown out of the party back in 1972.

The impass in Springfield just reflects lack of courage and ideas.

No courage to ask for an income tax hike (althought Madigan's blinked on this).

No ideas to reform the system to give citzens a gurantee the money won't be wasted.

Not much of a premise for a party.

grand old partisan 10:46 AM  

First and foremost, you need to drink a lot of Kool-aide to believe that what is happening in Springfield is a praiseworthy example of “individual thinkers” engaging in healthy “dissension.”

Second, it doesn’t make much sense to say that the national GOP is “communist dictatorship in that no one is allowed to disagree with the party” when the front-runner in the polls (who has also been lining up an impressive list of high level endorsements) disagrees with major parts of the official party platform. Whether he ends up as the nominee or not, Giuliani will certainly make it farther in his party’s primary than any pro-life, anti-gun control Democrat would.

Jeff Trigg 11:00 AM  

Well, it just goes to show, Democrats in Illinois are idiots.

Dictatorships don't allow political competition. Neither do Illinois Democrats. Communists want government to make all the decisions for us on things like health care, instead of Doctors having freedom to treat patients. Just like Illinois Democrats.

Bill Baar 11:18 AM  

You just need to compare the GOP and Dem debates to figure out which Party accepts a wider range of views. Giuliani to Ron Paul compared to the uniformity the Dems are presenting.

Dems have been reduced to a party that's purely about power, that's it, and Illinois shows us when they get it, they don't have a clue what to do with it.

Bill Baar 11:19 AM  

I mean clue policy wise. They know what to do which is give contracts to buddies.

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