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Saturday Morning L0Lz: Aaron Patterson

When I think of the Red Liner's attempts to bring down the King, I often imagine a fish flopping around at the bottom of a boat with a big hook in it's mouth. Sure, it's going to squawk, make a lot of noise, and crap all over the interior of your brand new Ranger, but it's all just a gigantic act of futility.

Speaking of futility, their recent attempts to vanquish da mare by bringing up ancient history will most certainly be an exercise in such. I trust that you all remember Aaron Patterson, convicted murderer and leader of the extraordinarily brutal Apache Rangers street gang. Aaron, as you'll recall, was one of those folks wrongfully pardoned George Ryan.

After being pardoned, Patterson swore that he would conduct an investigation into police corruption and Find The Real Killers (TM). In order to accomplish this noble task, Patterson needed 2 things: a felonious amount of drugs and several blow back operated, fully automatic MAC-10 machine pistols. Obviously, these purchasing habits attracted the federal government (whom - duh - are in on it with Da Mare) who then conspired to lock him back up, which brings us to present time at Patterson's second sentencing, where he had to be "dragged kicking and screaming" from court at the prospect of being 'wrongfully' convicted...........again.

One post child for Boutique Citizens down. Not even the rabidly Daley hating Chicago MSM is covering much of Patterson's latest story, simply because this myth about him being set up by the police is just too much BS - even for them.

Thankfully, neither the Red Liners nor Patterson are terribly smart. The Red Liners, short a respectable citizen to champion their cause, instead selected a thug - a career criminal who couldn't 'leave the game' if he wanted to. Patterson, whom should have taken his free pass on a double homicide and disappeared, stuck around to continue his life of criminal behavior only to be stuck in the clink again.

For more humor associated with the wasted criminal life of Aaron Patterson, now resident of a federal pen., enjoy the following links: "Patterson gears up and gets political, fighting, as anyone would, against the broken and corrupt system that screwed him over so hard, and reaching back to help those still stuck within it’s horrific grip."

"Hip Hop War Report": "Aaron Patterson has survived police torture and years spent on death row for a crime he didn’t commit and he came out swinging against a corrupt and racist criminal justice system. By targeting him, the Chicago Police Department and the U.S. Justice Department are trying to tell victims of police and prosecutorial misconduct to suffer in silence."


Joseph Dubinin,  7:16 PM  

Aaron Patterson may be an idiot. He may even be a violent person who belongs in jail.

The question in my mind still is did he kill the couple in the 80s that he went to death row for. The only murder we know about (no doubt he had lots of other violent acts and was a bad gang leader)
I hear the rhetoric from you and some other even friends of mine but I have not seen any facts that disprove the John Conway Chicago Reader stories on Patterson and others.
You can check them out at:

You (blogger move on Dan) have an even stronger (but perhaps more intellectually honest) position that Jon Burge is a good guy and innocent of the allegations against him. Most of the people he supposedly tortured were guilty (with some specific examples were the State and DNA evidence indicated otherwise) and even most of those who were not guilty were bad people who should of been off the street. There is a reality of the street and the theoretical reality of books that not everybody wants to see in stopping and solving crime.
However, the question is did Jon Burge cross that line and put innoncent people in jail and did he cruelly torture people beyond just perhaps necessary police brutality in the real sick world of criminals.

While some blame the plaintiff's lawyers and leftists in the media and law universities--which has some merit--it does seem that politically connected defense attorneys also have been making money and the Burge issue is beyong the person of Jon Burge and has become a symbol of police wrongdoing (even though many decades have now passed) and is a cottage industry for those supposedly defending him and the city as well as plaintiff side lawyers. The money spent on this is absurd and seems to be growing with supposed deals etc.

If Burge is a good cop and did not do wrongdoing like Richard "Dick" Devine, Dan the move on blogger and others are saying than bring that evidence out and let Burge testify and Daley defend him.
Unfortunately, nobody (or at least not me) has seen that evidence.
While the supposedly liberal media can guide and persuade--the internet has a lot of information well written, researched (and some not) from blogs to myspace etc--and I have not seen the supposed evidence defending Burge (although a certain justification by Blogger Dan)

The Special Prosecutors Report of Supreme Court Judge Robert Egan that came out recently said that Burge and about a half dozen other officers that I never heard of should of gone to jail, charged, indicted, convicted and they did criminal wrongdoing. It can be found online. I think aggravated battery and fixing of cases but read it for yourself. At the same time it does not say too much, although does not completely slam either, some of the Aaron Patterson (and other) claims.

To me this is not about Aaron Patterson and whether he is a bad guy or not or did violent acts--as that seems to be true.
But if he went to jail for a crime he did not commit and was tortured or even if the Patterson case is bad did Jon Burge torture other people--this question needs to be answered regardless.

When I have read aboutPatteson or seen him on TV he seems insane and if he did get in trouble after he was pardoned and could of won tens of millions of dollars--he must be stupid.

The truth is something we all should search for. Regardless of biases and emotional investment.

Anonymous,  7:20 PM  

Whatever happened to Mumia?
Was he freed?

Patrick 7:57 PM  

Ex-Governor George Ryan allowed a family of young children to die like dogs on the road for a bribe system he perfected. Lucky for white boy ryan he is still out of jail... It is a worse crime than Aaron ever committed.

Hyman Roth,  8:10 PM  

I heard a radio show with Cliff Kelly on WVON, Patterson comes from a very good family, his father was a cop his brother is successful, the question is what would have happened in his life if he had not crossed paths with John Burge, would he have turned his life around ? Could he have becomes a teacher, a doctor. It is easy for us to turn our heads when police torture affects people like Aaron Patterson but what about the two recent events with the cop beating the woman in the bar and the cops opening a can of whoop ass on the men at the other bar, we have hypocrites who are outraged by the latter events but shrugs off the beating and torture of African American males

“Intellect takes us along in the battle of life to a certain limit, but at the crucial moment it fails us. Faith transcends reason. It is when the horizon is the darkest and human reason is beaten down to the ground that faith shines brightest and comes to our rescue.” Mahatma Gandhi quote

Anonymous,  9:02 PM  

Dan L. Do you take pleasure in a man going to jail? Are you some sort of tard? Do you hate blacks? Is it "Cool" to smash a man in the face for a confession? Illinoize is a site to explore issues. Dan L. please stop wrecking this site. Come out of the closet Dan L.

Kip Owen,  11:34 PM  


Look into the Murder of the Sanchez family.

1. There was NO eyewitness. Not at that time NEVER found one. Nobody NEVER.

2. There was no murder weapon. Yet it was a bloody double murder with dozens of dozens of stab wounds.

3. There was NO physical evidence linking Aaron Patterson to the crime. With all the blood, stab wounds, no fingerprints, no fibers, no clothes, no blood on Patterson, no DNA evidence found later, NOTHING.

4. The physical evidence that was present linked to someone else including shoe prints and fingerprints. All of this physical evidence which was good for Patterson is now missing from Evidence of Chicago Police Department--very wierd. Nobody can explain why the shoe prints (of someone else) and fingerprints are missing on a major death penalty murder case.

5. There was another more likely suspect who stabbed other people named Willy Washington the brother of the man (Wayne Washington) who found the murdered couple. By not going after Willy Washington he stabbed other elderly people after the Sanchez murders.

6. Aaron Patterson was never known as a person who used a knife. He certainly was a violent, bad, tough, dangerous gang leader who used fists, pipes and guns but never knives--why would he than do a violent knifing of an elderly couple when before he never used a knive and never did any crimes to non gang members.

7. Other people were arrested and questioned before Patterson including the cousin of one of the supposed hearsay witnesses who was 14 at the time.

8. Aaron had other crimes against his own gang members for discipline and other gangs but never against any senior citizens or any other types of "non combatants".

9. The State's Attorney offered Aaron Patterson to get out of jail if he admitted he committed the murders and dropped the claims of torture--he refused.

10. The Governor, law professors, clergy and many others wrote letters including elected officials, former judges asking for him to get off death row, a new trial, and ultimately a pardon.

11. The Special Prosecutor's report says that it is probable that Aaron Patterson is telling the truth on his claims of police abuse. The Special Prosecutor's report said that the other supposed co-defendant corroborates the claims. The Special Prosecutor's report states that the State's Attorneys did nothing to recollect their memory and were evasive.

12. The only or main evidence against Patterson was his supposed confession that was never signed, never audiotaped or any other authentication. He never signed the supposed confession.

13. Aaron Patterson has claimed from the 1st day he was in court over 20 years ago that he did not do it, his story has been the same, he never denied it, he kept it even when he could get out of jail, and since the first day he stated he was tortured.

14. He etched his torture claims and innoncence into a chair that Public Defender investigators found.

15. The type of torture that Patterson claims is the same as hundreds of other claims specifically bagging and suffocating in Area 2 by Jon Burge.

16. The Special Prosecutors Report, which was not completely favorable to Patterson, and exonerates Daley--states Jon Burge and other police officers should of been charged and would of been convicted beyond a reasonable doubt.

17. Jon Burge refuses to testify in any civil cases or criminal investigations and takes the 5th Amendment even though the Special Prosecutors claim the statute of limitations has run and he cannot get indicted. There are City law department conclusions, at least 2 OPS investigations, the Special Prosecutors report all that state Jon Burge did misconduct. Innocent people went to jail. US Citizens were tortured.

18. Detective Pedersen (or former) is a convicted felon now and one of the officers in the Burge Civil case. He got his job through politics in the Sheriffs office as did another officer in the State's Attorneys office and another in the Sheriffs office.

19. Nobody really believes Aaron killed the Sanchez couple. They may think he is a piece of shit but they don't think he did the murder. Nobody really believes that Aaron Patterson was not tortured or whatever word or level you want to use--abuse.

20. Patterson may (or may not) be an idiot or a bad guy or whatever but he did not kill the Sanchez couple and he was tortured.

dan l 12:01 AM  

@Joe: Good thoughts. I don't think I've ever said that Burge is 'innocent'. I believe I've said he's just as innocent as the folks who were allegedly tortured by his crew. And that, indeed, is the truth. Interpret it how you like.

The only hidden truth in all this though, is that this whole shebang isn't about Jon Burge or torture. It never was. It never will be. John Conroy and his gaggle of transient citizen readers couldn't give any less of a shit about Burge, the Police, or crime. What they do care about is getting to da mare.

It's a pattern. First they pick a flavor of the month issue. Once it was hired trucks - now it's police 'abuse'. Then they find a village idiot spokesperson - some self-entitled halfwit and convince him that he's the golden child to 'expose' the public corruption that everybody already knows about and nobody gives a shit about. After that they squawk.

What entirely pisses me off, is the fact that I get that people like Conroy and Taylor couldn't give any less of a shit about Jon Burge and Aaron Patterson. That their ultimate goal has nothing to do with the truth, rather to push up their own version of the Machine and that, in the process of doing so, couldn't care less about how many good badges gets smeared in the process.

@Anon7:20: No idea. Last I heard he was made an honorary Parisian back in '03.

@Patrick: While my distaste for George Ryan is well known, I don't think anybody is going to seriously say that his crimes somehow exceed that of a violent felon.

@Hyman: Nice fairy tale. Let's talk about all the gang leaders who later became doctors and cured cancer. Blaming CPD for a career criminal being a career criminal is like blaming a janitor for shit stains are on the toilette.

@anon9:02: Paddy, I absolutely, positively take a great deal of solace, nay pleasure, in the idea that a mouthy murderous scum bag is back in the clink.

@Kip: Isn't that the whole point anyhow? I mean, you've got very little legally maintained evidence against...well...600+ Chicago Police, yet your ilk is out there screaming about their supposed 'guilt'.

Patrick 11:13 AM  

Dan L. Stop the hating against Africian Americans. Watch and learn, watch this video and see how Mayor Daley treats black Chicago City Workers. I see a pattern, do you?: Watch, learn, and grow.

Anonymous,  11:59 AM  

Dan L. Learn more about Mayor "Send them Negroes West" Daley. Watch this video: Again, there is a pattern of treatment to black Chicago Department of Water Management Employes. Watch, learn, educate yourself. Aaron is a victim of the justice and penal system. Do you get joy out of this,... sick.

Danno J,  3:24 PM  

The Freeborn and Peters contract (no bid?) with the City of Chicago is mosssstttt interesting.

The Railroads got rid of Freeborn and Peters for toooooo high of cost.

Did they respond to a RFQ or RFP????
Do they meet minority subcontracting guidelines?
How many minority lawyers do they have???

Are there attorneys associated with the underlying Burge cases?
Conflict of interest?

Is the former Sherrif Sheehan's son an attorney at Freeborn and Peters even though the Sherrif's office was involved in some these cases?

How much money is Freeborn and Peters making?
Will these cases ever go to trial?
How did Freeborn and Peters get these contracts?

Anonymous,  3:25 PM  

Don't forget former Congressman Lipinski being a "consultant" at Dykema and Gossett law firm.

The hourly billing attorneys are the real sharks eating taxpayers dollars like Ms. Pacman.

Dan L 6:10 PM  

LOL @ Paddy: Is that the best you've got? Some childish race baiting?

With ammo like that, it's no wonder you and your ilk of silly boutique citizens can't get a serious candidate to run against one of the best mayors in the country.

Anonymous,  8:24 PM  

Dan L. Make it legal for anyone, including NEGROES, to use mob, gambling money to get re-elected. Mayor Daley is a midget. He is an insult to every Irish Roman Catholic, Chicago's 4'7" mayor hires mini-midgets as his top staff. Hitler is no different that the Daley Clan.

Anonymous,  8:27 PM  

Dan L. Do you really want white people in charge? The priest and the stripper
$200,000 STOLEN FROM PARISH | 'He gave me money for spending time with him'

July 22, 2007
BY ERIC HERMAN Staff Reporter/
The Rev. Mark Sorvillo loved taking his parish's money and spending it on himself. Trips to Rome, Venice, Paris. And $900 meals at New York restaurants.

In 1999, Sorvillo found someone else to lavish his parishioners' collection-plate donations on -- a male stripper.

Sorvillo -- who pleaded guilty Friday to stealing nearly $200,000 from St. Margaret Mary parish on the North Side -- gave cars, plane tickets and thousands of dollars in cash to James Sosnicki, a married Louisville man who stripped frequently at gay clubs in Chicago, law enforcement sources said.

» Click to enlarge image

The Rev. Mark Sorvillo (left) lived the high life by skimming collections. "He was like a big uncle," James Sosnicki (right) says.
(Jon Sall/Sun-Times)

• Big appetite for food, shopping did him in
Reached in Louisville, Sosnicki told the Chicago Sun-Times he paid Sorvillo back -- and said their relationship was never sexual.
"He was like a big uncle to me," Sosnicki, 30, said Thursday. "If it wasn't for him, I'd probably be living in a cardboard box right now."

Sorvillo's lawyer, Brian Collins, declined to comment.

Sorvillo resigned from St. Margaret Mary in February 2006 after parishioners caught him stealing from the collection bags. He had been under suspicion since threatening to close the church's school because of the parish's strained finances. An investigation revealed he skimmed more than $40,000 from collections, wrote checks from parish accounts to himself and his creditors, and charged more than $62,000 at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Marshall Field's to the parish. In October 2006, prosecutors charged him with felony theft.

Sorvillo, 54, will likely serve two years of his four-year sentence, according to prosecutors. Originally from the west suburbs, he became pastor of St. Margaret Mary in 1994 and, according to court documents, began stealing in 1997. About 800 families belong to the parish, including the family of Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine.

While investigating Sorvillo, authorities learned the priest had bought and insured an Acura in Louisville -- and discovered the driver was one James Sosnicki. While searching the rectory at St. Margaret Mary, investigators found naked photos of a dark-haired man who turned out to be Sosnicki, according to law enforcement sources. One showed Sosnicki sleeping naked in the rectory bed.

Investigators also found a poster advertising the 2004 "International Mr. Leather" competition -- featuring Sosnicki as one of the models.

In December, Chicago detectives traveled to Louisville to interview Sosnicki. He told police he first met Sorvillo at Madrigal's, a gay bar in the 5300 block of North Clark.

"Mark told me he was a teacher at Loyola University. It wasn't until I stayed with Mark at the rectory, St. Margaret Mary, that I realized he was a priest," Sosnicki told police, according to a police report reviewed by the Sun-Times.

Sosnicki came to Chicago two or three times a month, he said, stripping at gay bars such as Madrigal's, Man's Country and Cocktails. He made $50 to $100 a night, plus tips, he told police.

Sorvillo paid for his plane tickets to Chicago, Sosnicki said -- though he claims he paid Sorvillo back when he could. Sosnicki usually stayed at the rectory, but he sometimes stayed in hotels, with Sorvillo footing the bill. The priest even paid when Sosnicki's wife came along. "Mark would give me his credit card number, and I would book it over the Internet," he told police.

Sorvillo gave Sosnicki his credit card to take on a trip to Los Angeles, and took him and a man called "Arti" to New York City, where they stayed in the theater district and "went to a lot of plays," Sosnicki said.

They also sampled New York's gay club scene. "Mark wanted to have an encounter with another man, so Arti and I helped pick out a guy/prostitute at the club," Sosnicki told police. "Mark and the guy went back to the hotel. They were gone about an hour."

In addition to the Acura, Sorvillo helped buy Sosnicki a motorcycle and his wife a car. The priest bought Sosnicki clothes and a Dell computer, too, according to the police report.

Sorvillo also made cash deposits into Sosnicki's account at U.S. Bank. "For about a year or so, Mark would give me about $1,000 a month," Sosnicki told police. "He gave me the money for spending time with him."

Authorities are not sure how much money Sorvillo gave Sosnicki over the years. But "it appears that the priest was supporting him," a police source said.

Sosnicki has a history of run-ins with the law, including arrests for drugs, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

When questioned by police, he provided them insight into Sorvillo's character, calling the priest a "lost soul."

"Mark lived two separate lives: one with the priesthood, and his 'other' lifestyle," he said.

Dan L 8:28 PM  


Daley = Hitler

I've now heard everything.

veritas,  8:31 PM  

The issue is not Mayor Daley (at least not per se or only).
Not everyone wants to take down Mayor Daley.

But if Mayor Daley did something wrong on the Burge matter, or anything else he should be held accountable.
Regardless of Daley's involvement with Burge (which seems minimal), Burge or any other officers should be held accountable.

Police should not torture. Period.

If there are people who are not guilty of crimes than they should not be in prison. Period.

There may be nuance, complexity (like tortured people who are guilty)(or innocent people who are not spokesman) and maybe taking down Daley is stupid or not applicable, but there is other truth that should be let out.

Dan L 8:31 PM  

On a side note, Patrick McDonough's "Migets = Black folks = Daley = Hitler" is a clarion explanation on why some people with more....ahem...boozy issues ought not be allowed on the internet while they've been drinking.

Anonymous,  9:01 PM  

I am not sure what Daley, Hitler, male strippers, and bad Catholic priests have to do with this.

Is Patterson guilty or innocent?

Did Burge and some other officers commit brutality?

Daley may have some management or leadership role but had nothing to do with this.
Hitler, drinking, midgets, and strippers have nothing to do with any of this.

sigmund,  8:13 AM  

DanL needs help. He is a sick puppy. Some serious daddy issues.

DanL should challenge Patterson to a gladiator match.

Skeeter 9:26 AM  

"Had he not crossed paths with Jon Burge"?

This is the sort of BS that makes anybody who is not part of the far right look weak and pathetic.

Aaron Patterson was a very bad guy. I don't know why and frankly, I don't really care.

However, nothing that Jon Burge did MADE Patterson a bad guy. Burge may have made some mistakes, but he got this guy off the streets and in doing so, probably saved the lives of many.

It is so easy for these pathetic liberals to rip the cops. Like the way Aaron Patterson runs things? Go live in his neighborhood and join his crew. Otherwise, you just might want to quit whining and thank those POs who kept Patterson off the streets.

Fred,  9:45 AM  

When will Daley sit for the police torture deposition as promised before the election? He seems like a man with something to hide.

Anonymous,  11:04 AM  

Even if Patterson didn't do that murder or this murder, he still did others and deserves to be locked up. Burge did everyone a favor by locking scum like this up. If police had to use torture, well to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs. Do you think it is easy out there in these screwed up neighborhoods? Maybe Burge crossed a line or went overboard, but so what. The result was good. I am tired of well I didn't commit that crime defense. Lock em up and beat these losers.

Anonymous,  4:54 PM  

Dan L. oser.. Aaron was sent to jail for a crime he did not comit. While in jail do you think he learned:
1. Foregiveness?
2. A good work ethic?
3. Good attitude?
4. Politicial Correctness?

I heard when you come out of jail for a crime you never committed, you will find a bitter broken man. Arron has committed less crime than Mayor Daley ever did. What do you call the 11th Ward Street thugs that beat up blacks for fun? I call them Mobsters and gangbangers. Even in Chicago, we have many gang members, many whom get Chicago City Jobs and become Chicago Mayors. Right Dan L.oser?

Terrence J,  6:55 PM  

Daley is real hypocritical on the gang and crime thing.

For some gang bangers he says they are bad, insults their parents, and marches around.

For others he defends them, gives them jobs, lets them run programs. Some of these are called HDO. The Hispanic Democratic Organization.

The "TWO SIX" street gang allied with the Folks had lots of leadership in HDO, an alderman, and a sitting State Senator.

Many of the rank and file HDO are Latin Kings and many drug dealers and other ignoramouses.

So Daley should be consistent.

Patterson should be in jail but so should Senator Munoz, Al Sanchez, Angelo Torres, numerous drug dealers.

When Aaron Patterson attacked someone with a bat he got an attempted murder.
What happened when Patrick Daley and his rich white friends put that Filipino kid in a coma in Michigan? Were people bought off?
Should Patrick Daley be viewed of as his entire life as someone who is violent and criminal. (Want to talk to friends of his from San Diego or nightclub owners--temper, alcohol, violent, lack of control)
Is there a double standard???
Is Patrick Daley forgiven for violence (the poor Filipino kid was in a coma)? Was he charged? Was he held accountable?

What about Dan Joyce you know Danno or Danbo--the drug dealer who was with Cappas. Is he out of jail? Is he a rat? Is he still violent and dangerous?
Or because he is Jerry Joyce's son is he protected and has a better life than other ex offenders.
Kids committed suicide at Marist, people got beat up, Cappas bragged about being a kung fu expert and wrestler, there was drugs, they had a lot more drugs than Patterson had.

Dan L 7:36 PM  

So Terry, what you're saying is, you're pissed because some people have a better run than your animalistic pal Patterson? Or is this whole badge smearing routine just some odd percept that it's the route for a lincoln parker to get into city hall?

Anonymous,  11:32 PM  

Terry, You have a big difference in Jerry Joyce's kid and AAron Patterson, Patterson most likely would have gone to prison anyway because he was a violent/possibly mental case already.Cappas is out of jail now and selling cars now but I must agree he ran a tight ship in the 80's what charges were on Jerry Joyce's son ? I think that it was a family thing back than and they took care of family matters.

Fred,  7:23 AM  

Terrence J: You presented an intelligent argument which of course Dan L had no hope of countering. Daley apologists have two sets of standards: One for those in Daley's camp, and a harsher one for the rest of us peons who are not so fortunate.

Yellow Dog Democrat 10:41 AM  

Sorry I missed this debate.

Mr. Dubinin, please define for us "necessary police brutality"?

There's alot of reasons we don't allow the police to torture confessions out of people. Part of the reason is that, given enough torture, people will pretty much say anything you want them to. A tortured confession isn't worth the paper its written on.

The second is of course that we remember how Hitler came for the Gypsies, the Jews, and the gays first, but then he came for us.

Better 100 guilty men should go free than we should sanction the use of such unlimited brutality in our Democracy. Or we should just stop calling it a democracy.

Dan L 12:01 PM  

Godwin's law X2.

Anonymous,  11:14 AM  

Dan L Do you hate black people?

Dan L 9:18 AM  

Do you think Tookie Williams shouldn't have been executed?

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