Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Roland Burris, Tax Hiker

Watching former State Comptroller Roland Burris, who defeated me in his re-election effort in 1982, on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight Monday reminded me why it was fun running against him.

He’s a tax hiker.

Monday night, Burris boldly went where few other than paid tax hike advocate Ralph Martire have dared go.

Burris wants the General Assembly to pass a budget with a tax hike, wait for Governor Rod Blagojevich to veto it and, then, override the expected veto.

To her credit Judy Barr Topinka did not agree with his suggestion.

After what I wrote about Blagojevich, I find it really exciting to be on his side on at least one issue.

Posted on McHenry County Blog first, of course, where you can find out who is planning to junket in India.


Jeff Trigg 11:22 PM  

Another one of your opponents, Jim Ryan, is a tax hiker too. He's sitting on Martire's government employee union front's Board now.

Anonymous,  3:29 AM  

One thing about Burris is that he hasn't updated his talking points since he ran for governor in 1994. My impression is that he is not current on the state's finances and problems, and his rhetoric shows this.

steve schnorf 3:05 PM  

Jeff, show me where Jim Ryan has endorsed a tax increase.

Jeff Trigg 4:12 PM  

Jeff Berkowitz interview from 6/21/07 if the link doesn't work.


Jeff Berkowitz: As a member of the CTBA Board and I realize you are saying that legislation doesn’t generally go thru exactly as proposed, if somebody says to you that Board is supporting HB 750

Jim Ryan: I am comfortable saying I support it.

Jeff Berkowitz: Implicitly, you support the notion of a 5.5 billion dollar net increase in taxes, right?

Jim Ryan: Right. In principle, I support HB 750, right.

Carl Nyberg 10:14 PM  

Here's a more honest analysis of taxation:

Republicans are for shifting the tax burden from the income tax to the property tax.

Democrats are too feckless to push back.

How much did government shrink when Bush and the GOP controlled the entire federal gov't?

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