Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Trib's 2007 presidential campaign contributions

This is neat but select the option to sort by contribution amount and you'll get a list in ascending order with negative numbers on top.

So what kind of contributions are those?


Marilyn 8:57 AM  

The Off the Bus project of Huff Post is working contributions and expenditures analysis. Look for substantive posts on these very issues in the coming weeks.

Bill Baar 9:04 AM  

I thought the Trib did an nice job here and would like to see the same for local Illionis stuff.

The negative numbers bother my inner Geek though.

Anonymous,  1:01 PM  

Maybe they're contributions returned in the current cycle but received in the previous cycle?

Cal Skinner 1:21 PM  

Can't find this on your blog. Did you put it there?

I'm having fun extracting the presidential contributors from McHenry County.

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