Friday, July 13, 2007

Troutman - Dancing with Developers

Giving Chicago Aldermen life and death power over development in their wards has led to many an indictment.

The most recent to succumb to temptation seems to be just defeated Alderwoman Andrea Troutman.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was kind enough to allow her to be arrested before the election. Now, he has charged her with 13 more crimes.

It sounds like a good ol’ Chicago Democratic Party shake-down.

The same dance we have seen before, except this time a female is taking the lead.

Or, perhaps Troutman had a better analogy when she said,

“Well, the thing is, most alderman, most politicians are hos.”
Who says we need a federal Equal Rights Amendment?

So, why isn't some Republican making a big deal about this?

This was published first on McHenry County Blog, where you can find out (probably exclusively) which prominent Illinois Republican is getting out of jail on Saturday, plus the latest in obstruction of justice charges brought by McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi.

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The photograph of ex-Chicago Alderwoman Andrea Troutman came from her campaign web site.


Anonymous,  12:28 PM  

Eveyone in Chicago knows if you want a project to go forward, you need to drop an envelope off at the local alderman's office. If the project needs a larger Water main or sewer, enlarge the envelope. The Feds got lots more Chicago Alderman to go. Even a few old Northside white ones. Patrick McDonough

Anonymous,  7:36 PM  

Arenda is not the only, not the first, and will not be the last.
She is small potatoes

Where are the indictments of Pat Huels or Victor Reyes or Ed Burke.
Get the big white boys and not just the little minority idiots.

Anonymous,  11:45 AM  

you to are racist the feds indicted white guys for hired trucks I bet you werent complaining then. The feds need to get the hog slurping up taxpayer money with his family getting state contracts and jobs the fat hog is E. Jones

Anonymous,  5:46 PM  

You guys are so naive. First of all, the pin stripe corruption in the suburbs is far more pervasive and lucrative, but because they have learned how to do "business" deals, instead of offering cash, it gets done without the prying eyes of the feds. Someone needs to take a look at the DuPage Forest Preserve. The stuff they do is outrageous.

Furthermore Cal, McHenry County's "good ole boy" Republican network of consultants and lawyers is another masterpiece.

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