Thursday, May 18, 2006

Saint Hugo and Chicago's Jesse Jackson

I wonder if this connection explains how we got stuck with those voting machines.

From The Weekly Standard's Saint Hugo The Religious Left begins its embrace of Hugo Chávez , and a link here.


Pat Hickey 9:10 AM  

F-16 to Iran - Let the Rainbow Glow!

Pat Hickey 9:26 AM  

Biil, here's the link.

Randall Sherman 6:13 PM  

Perhaps they are both cheering the success of the Chicago White Sox and Manager Ozzie Guillen. Since the photo isn't dated, the proper caption could just as easily be related to that (in which the two of them would have had a lot in common with the million or so people who lined the White Sox victory parade last fall).

Lovie's Leather,  1:57 AM  

The more contact I have with the "religious left," the more I feel that they have certain ideological beliefs and use the church as an excuse to give themselves credibility. Chavez is about nothing more than keeping his power, like any communist. They are definately much more extreme than the "christian right," especially when it comes to little teeny weeny things like Biblical relevance and context. Thou shall not steal. What is redistribution of wealth? Jesus preached giving away your possessions to the poor. He didn't advocate some rich government ruler to steal it from you. This "christian right," advocates end to abortion (thou shall not kill). And another genious thing I hear from the Christian left is something like, "Jesus was just a great teacher and we should try to learn as much as we can from him." They say all this while essentially denying that Jesus is Christ. Well, Jesus said he is Christ and the only way to get to heaven is through him... so this kind of disqualifies him as a just a good teacher. He is either Christ, or a nutball. But I guess I don't fear the christian left, they always say things to piss people off... like my socialist friend Marc, "The United States army is currently the greatest force of terrorism in the world." This guy really has some love for his country. Good luck, Christian left, on trying to gain power.... Your jealousy, crudeness, oddness, and ignorance will leave you empty, and begging for a piece of capitalism pie when you discover that people aren't going to give you their wealth or the power you think you deserve.

Bill Baar 6:48 AM  

It was a on poverty and globalization with community and religious leaders at the United Methodist Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew in Manhattan. About 50 Westchester and Rockland residents attended the event.

Pat Hickey 8:55 AM  

Ol'Jesse can pack 'em in - about as well he can put people to work.

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