Saturday, May 27, 2006

Obama watch: The Fix

via Chris Cizzla's The Fix,

Obama Staff Move Prompts Renewed '08 Speculation

Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) has brought on two nationally known Democratic consultants as advisers in recent weeks, prompting renewed speculation that the freshman senator may be considering a 2008 White House run. Sen. Barack Obama (AP)

Anita Dunn, a partner with Squier Knapp Dunn, a media consulting company, and Minyon Moore, who is with the Dewey Square Group, are now serving as advisers to Obama.

I voted for him but seems all he's done so far is write another book and raise piles of cash.

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Skeeter 10:05 AM  

He's been in office for a year.
A junior Senator.

Did you expect him to solve world hunger?

Michael,  11:53 AM  

He's acquitted himself well so far. A few small, worthy bills. His amendement on enforcing prevailing wage in the immigration reform bill was well taken. He makes very good use of his question periods in committee. I'd like to see his name on at least one piece of big legislation in 07, but so far, I'm pleased with my representation.

Anonymous,  12:06 PM  

I like Obama but he is really really lucky and very overexagerated. What has he done? Not a lot. Let him be a good Senator and let's not worry about the speculation for Prez or anything else

Bill Baar 2:31 PM  

I like the guy. Few dislike him. At least as far as I can tell... but President already? Senator is when of the least responsible positions we have in Gov. Exhatled folks who don't do all that much... even campaign.

Rob 3:03 PM  

He voted on the wrong side of the bankruptcy bill, and so far has been disappointing as the point man on Republican corruption. But he's gotten lots of other things right--like his work on Africa policies, like voting against Roberts, Alito & Hayden, and lots more.

But besides all that, what's wrong with raising piles of cash? That's a major part of a politician's job description, no? And since Obama's Hopefund has distributed $2.5 million to other Democrats in contested races this year, his ability to rake in mad skrilla actually does help larger progressive causes.

You sure have a point about the Senate, though! But that's probably why everybody wants him to run for president...

Anonymous,  5:09 PM  

Rob, he did not vote for the bankruptcy bill. This is a huge misconception started by either Sirota or Stoller I think, don't remember who posted on it before.


Rob 9:27 PM  

How about that... On that point I'm glad to be proved wrong...

Anonymous,  3:18 PM  

I give him Kudos and Darfur
he also has some good rhetoric and a good bearing

He is wayyyyy to liberal to be President
His State Senate voting record was typical liberal
He has really not done much yet
It is all hype and promotion

his support of Dart (the jail is going to blow up on him) and Alexi (no real experience and daddy loaned to a lot of bad people)
doesn't show a lot of judgment or morality on the micro political

Anonymous,  1:39 PM  

There still is no African American Senator in the US.

JB Powers 10:43 AM  

Bill, you forget, Obama led the Senate in supporting the Bridge to Nowhere, and in maintaining a $.54 tax on imported ethanol.

Obama is behaving like his partisan hack partner Dick Durbin, and getting a free pass from the press. There is little if any objective reporting on his wasting of his reputation to support miserable big-government pork.

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