Saturday, May 06, 2006

Black officials back Stroger's son

I wanted to opine on this Sun-Times article. I have no angle really. I saw this story and other blurbs about this possibility on Capitol Fax and I have some conflicted feelings on this. Nepotism has been a practice in the Chicago area.

I would honestly have no problem with someone with a famous last name earning their spot on the ballot as Lisa Madigan has. The possibility of 8th ward Ald. Todd Stroger as Cook County Board President bothers me. I get the honest feeling that if tried to gain that spot he'd be eaten alive.

I'll be honest though I don't know that much about his activities on the city council. I know he used to serve in Springfield as a state representative before he was appointed alderman after the death of the incumbent 8th ward Alderman, Lorraine Dixon in 2001. I also know that he went to Xavier University in New Orleans with a degree in history.

Still I agree with this point but I don't necessarily agree with him being qualified to sit as County Board President. Here's a quote from Ald. Howard Brookins...

"Children of lawmakers grew up in the business, so to speak. [They] understand what it takes to be a public servant. That gives them different insight and also name recognition, which helps. It being a father-and-son situation isn't what carries the day. It's the name recognition and having insight into the job," Brookins said.
And here's another issue raised here...

If it's OK for white politicians to take care of or be succeeded by their children, the same standard should apply to African Americans, they said.

"It always appears that there's two Americas: one for white America, one for black America. But we should be one city, one county government," said Ald. Arenda Troutman (20th).
Again I suppose it helps if one has a familiar political name and that helps them get an advantage in an election. Especially if such a name has clout. On the other hand I don't really like nepotism especially when it comes to an important position such as county board president.


Thomas Westgard 11:49 PM  

Levois left a kind comment on my blog post on a similar topic. I hope you'll forgive the blogspamming aspect of this comment, since there does seem legitimately a common interest to anyone looking at this topic.

And I'd be happy to hear your comments.

Wumpus,  1:01 AM  

It is okay for wite politicians to be succeeded by their kids, if they are elected. Lipinski was wrong. As much as I dislike Daley, he won elections. Bush won elections. Kilpatrick in Detroit (who's mom is a state legislature) won elections, Harold FOrd in TN has won elections! Strogers lied about his father's condition and is now trying to be placed on the ballot, give it to Claypool. I tire of people playing the race card. There is racism, but the people who complain the loudest are often the one who should be crying the least.

Anonymous,  1:05 AM  

Todd Stroger seems to be a nice enough guy, but was a do-nothing Representative, is a lackluster Alderman...wait, maybe he is qualified after all :)

black goyimn,  2:08 AM  

T. "Bag" Stroger will get the County Commish seat but not the Presidency. He may be the Dem. Nominess though so he will was'zxkfgldf

Bill Baar 8:13 AM  

It wouldn't be such an issue if we had authentic two party politics.

Anonymous,  9:30 AM  

What will it take for the Republicans to drop Peraica [who can have a sudden family problem that needs his attention] and run a credible candidate qualified to manage a $3billion organization?

LATINO,  4:37 PM  


Dave D,  9:01 PM  

Todd is an affable person but he is NOT remotely President material. Pols who want business as usual and to continue the patronage will support him. But, he doesn't have the guts, much less the balls to run Cook County. I can not even believe that he is being considered! If we are talking AA, Dorothy Brown comes to mind, Hispanic- Maldanado would be a strong contender and white- well the Mayors brother is there.
But, let's cut the crap talking about mealy-mouth Todd.

Anonymous,  8:02 AM  

Why don't we just cut out elections and save a lot of money and just have hereditary succession by blood line, either by first born male (or with Lisa Madigan female) or by appointment by the current official
Elections waste so much time or money
Monarchy is still popular in England and they have done well

The Chicago Way,  2:16 PM  

Jaw all yous guys want but Todd Stroger is getting this job unless Jesse White wants it and there is not a damn thing yous can do about it.

Anonymous,  2:36 PM  

The hypocarcy of giving Lisa Madigan a pass on nepotism is staggering. A lot of Dem. pols can show you their arms, still sore from step-Daddy's twisting on her behalf.

Let's see. Madigan, Lipinksi, Blagojevch, Hynes, Daley. Now Stroger. Whom did I miss?

I agree, let's just make this state a feudal domain, and get it over with. Why waste money on elections, when the Daddies are going to decide which of their Little Darlings will rule over us?

But it will go on and on as long as the voters continue to act like mooing cattle, on the hoof to the slaughterhouse.

Anonymous,  9:09 PM  

It is the Chicago way and no one cares. It works out OK.
The rich get richer. The oligarchy passes on power.
Everything is for show.
But they win.

cynthia 8:53 AM  

If you don't like nepotism, you must use the same measure all across the board. It is very hypocritical of you to have one standard for one person and apply another to someone else. From what I've seen about Chicago politics, qualifications for a gob are not a pre-requisite. It's all about who you know. If the Big Wigs want you there, you will make it.

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