Sunday, May 14, 2006

Danny Davis to the Cook County Board (again)

Long article in today's Sun Times.

Can't Cook County do better than someone who won't do a thing till its over over there?

Not to mention this odd event at DC's Dirkenson Federal Bldg,

In a video on the IIFWP website, Cummings is seen giving a speech saying Moon is “always standing up for what is right.” Davis, wearing white gloves, places a jeweled crown on Moon’s head. The video, and articles about the event, were taken down from the website Friday.

Asked if he thought the crowning unusual, Davis, who has attended several Moon events, replied, “I see people crowned. I go to parades quite a bit … [and see] the queen of the homecoming parade, queen of the festival.”

cp at Bill Baar's West Side


Skeeter 8:36 AM  

Great. It will get him out of Congress.

That being said, he is one of the worst people possible for Cook County Board -- he is an old-fashioned big government liberal.

Not to digress, but the Chicago Tribune has an interview with the Republican. Turns out he is a social conservative who calls himself a fiscal conservative but who opposed Claypool's plan to privatize County government and cut the county government payrolls.

Between Davis and Peraica we have two big government types, but I give Davis credit for admitting it.

Todd Stroger is beginning to look good.

Anonymous,  9:39 AM  

No, Todd Stroger is not capable of running the County Board. If he
gets the job, John Daly will be running it.

Peraica can't win. Suburbanites, his only hope, simply won't vote in large enough numbers to get him into office.

We are left with Davis by default.
To curb his free spending high taxing ways, suburbanites who do vote (and who would be the target of any of Davis' tax increases) should vote for Peraica just to remind Davis that they are out there watching on the tax issue.

While the Chicago inner city residents are being flooded with state and federal cash, middle class suburbanites are paying for it.

Anonymous,  12:12 PM  

Davis is a typical liberal who has done nothing as Congressman.

Maybe Moon can help out with some ideas as Rev. Moon has actually used capitalism to be very successful in the Shipping and sushi business.

Skeeter 4:18 PM  

Anon 12:12,
When you talk about "typical liberal" remember that it is Peraica who does not want to cut or privatize county jobs.

The allegedly conservative Republican is the big government candidate in this race.

Ignatius J. Reilly,  9:55 PM  

"An ode to Governments Large and Small"

Smaller government is not Privatization.
Privatization is Off-Line Government.
Off-Line Government is Hired Trucks.
Hired Trucks is Transfer Payments.
Transfer Payments are Liberal.

So then, what is a Conservative?

Anonymous,  8:41 AM  

Can Danny Davis crown Todd Stroger with Rev Moon?

Randall Sherman 9:52 AM  

I remember seeing that coronation ceremony on a report that aired on 60 Minutes. If the Democrats were to select Danny Davis as the replacement for John Strogrer on the ballot, that image would run on Peraica TV commercials for weeks.

That incident will drive a significant numer of Democratic voters away from Davis. It might not be enough to cost him the election, but winning a 53-47% race means the Democrats would have to spend too much of their political resources on this races, which means they would be hurt elsewhere.

Anonymous,  11:01 AM  

If Davis runs for County President, who will fill his House seat?

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