Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Top Shelf - Crystal Cut by Kurt Strobach

Top Shelf - Crystal Cut by Kurt Strobach

Just as a store's best wine is placed on the top shelf, in Springfield's Artisan Store that is where Kurt Strobach's crystal is displayed. (There are more pictures at McHenry County Blog. It's not too late to order Christmas presents that will become antiques.)

Crystal Lake’s crystal cutter par excellence Kurt Strobach is “Featured Artist” for December at the Artisans Shop in the James R. Thompson Center.

Kurt and his wife of 55 years, Erna, will be in Chicago standing next to a 9 by 10 foot display of his work late this morning.

When I compare Kurt’s cuts with those of Waterford, I wonder why people pay so much for Waterford.

For more information, including pictures and prices click here. It's not too late for Kurt to ship a very special Christmas present. His phone number is 815-459-7377. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous,  5:57 PM  

This is spam. What gives?

Cal Skinner 1:09 PM  

So, have you got a better idea for a classy Christmas present?

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