Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fred Barnes writing in The Weekly Standard and talking with Congressman Mark Kirk

Good column today in The Weekly Standard about the inburbs and outburbs.

Read it all but here's some,

Kirk had the 20 issues tested by pollster John McLaughlin in the inner ring of suburbs around Chicago. Twelve of the issues polled over 80 percent positive, and only two polled under 70 percent (while still receiving majority support). The top four were approved by 90 percent or more: teacher checks (95 percent), tax credits for small businesses that provide health insurance (93), portability of health insurance (93), and mandatory Internet filters (91). "If we talk about stuff like this," Kirk says, Republican strength in the suburbs will "snap back quickly."

To Kirk's surprise, one major issue in the exurbs-reducing traffic congestion-didn't register favorably in the suburbs. Asked if they wanted privately built toll roads, "voters said they'd rather the highways not be there."
If Eric Krol's dominating issues for the election aren't dominating in a couple of months, here's what's on suburban minds.

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