Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mowen, "Gilligan" file petitions to challenge Evans

Jim Mowen, a Rock Island real estate broker and developer, and Brian Gilliland, an Aledo businessman, both filed papers with the Illinois State Board of Elections. The state began accepting nomination papers Monday and will do so through Dec. 19. Incumbent U.S. Rep. Lane Evans, D-Ill., filed nomination papers earlier this week.

In announcing his filing, Mowen said Wednesday the district faces a “serious state of stagnation,” something he said neighboring districts aren’t experiencing. “We need a representative that understands economic development and job creation,” he said in a statement.

Gilliland, too, is focusing his campaign on the economy. “Our economic condition is something people are concerned with, whether they’re Republican or Democrat,” he said.

Andrea Zinga, the GOP nominee last year, said Wednesday she would file papers by the deadline but wasn’t more specific than that.

Also Wednesday, Mowen said Victory Enterprises, Inc., of Davenport, would no longer be his campaign consultant. It still is working on his Web site, though.
Sounds like Zinga is having a little trouble pulling the trigger.


Bill Baar 8:31 PM  

Evans got Chairman Buyer all worked up,

According to Congressman Lane Evans (D-Ill.), Halloween and April Fool’s Day have been rolled into one holiday this year. An attempt to pull a prank and scare this nation’s 25 million veterans backfired. Yesterday, the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs released as fact a scary tale of fictitious cuts to veterans healthcare funding.

Tessa 6:39 AM  

I have always supported Evans and I'll do it again this time, even though I don't live in his district. I've walked for him, with him and supported him and it's not going to stop. He's a good man. My son thinks the world of him.

Evans is very in touch with his district. Ask the people who live in Sterling. My family lives farther south in his district. The man gets around. He's in touch.

Go Lane.

Anonymous,  1:07 AM  

I have met Lane Evans, and yes,
nice is one thing but he's a millionaire, and the district is
on welfare?
You can't let "image" of what Mr. Evans says and what he actually does fool you.
He has become a professional politician, and not a servant of the people of his district - he has a bone chilling - "hostile" voting record -according to all the stats I have read,on a informative site called "Citizens Against Governmental Waste."
I used to be a Dem and I used to think I was a Republican - but I no longer identify any difference,
in the "PARTIES" -
I am an Independent with a mind of my own, and Mr. Evans has milked the 17th district for too many years.
The Armory was hit hard, and what is our Congressman doing for US in Washington DC?
Looking out for himself!
If it will make money for Evans,
he will back it.
I won't be voting for him in 2006!
I will be voting for a man who will help the people to find good jobs and a health care plan, perhaps back the minimum wage hike.
When I see Evans - I see a tired old politician trying to remain
in the green.
185,000 dollars did not seem to bother him, he paid it rather than face the corruption he has set as his standard?
and that's the way it is -
and now I can't play his games any longer.
Down with Evans.

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