Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chicago Cops

There was a time when progressives would have been out in the street the next day protesting this.

Those days seem gone.

What's it take for people to figure out there's a pattern of abuse in the CPD. I'm supposed to fear the Patriot Act instead?

xp Prairie State Blue and Bill Baar's West Side

Update: Sun Times: Did 2nd cop try to silence bartender?

Grand jury considering obstruction charge against officer who allegedly helped Abbate threaten, try to bribe woman


Anonymous,  8:17 AM  

The trouble with accepting that there is a "pattern of abuse" within any group (CPD, Catholic clergy) is that it contributes to a 'guilty until proven innocent' standard for others within that group accused of abuse.

Pat Hickey 8:26 AM  


This jackass would have beaten the girl up for not pouring him another, if he were a latex salesman, yoga instructor, fern merchant, or Peta activist.

His being a cop is nice for pencil neck geeks like Eric Zorn, because it allows them to play catch-up on street theatre that they missed out on 'when it was going down in '68-'69,' but has very little to do with a drunken bully beating a little Polish girl.

Cops I know would love to give this JO an old school tune-up.

Come on Bill, Flint Taylor has more work than he needs trying to cash that torture lotto ticket he has had in his pocket since Jane Byrne was Mayor.

8:25 AM

Mink DeVille 8:42 AM  

Would the latex saleman or yoga instructor's friend have threatened the bar owner and bartender that drugs might just be found in their car if they report this (as was reported by the ASA in court)?

Pat Hickey 8:56 AM  


Hey, Mink - them fern merchants don't F$%% around. They're some serious guys.

How do think all them bars on the North Side got all Ferned Up, in the first place?

Don't even get me started on the latex people and the yoga instructors - they're animals, Mink, animals!!!!

Extreme Wisdom 9:44 AM  


Your loyalty to the people doing a hard job in places like Chicago is misplaced in this situation.

Mike's question is 100% valid, and other professions DON'T have the same power to harass people.

Further, there are enough stories about both cops who pull stunts like this, AND the subsequent tribal circling of the wagons on the part of police bureaucracy.

We'd all love it if other cops went after scumbags like this, but I've seen enough of the opposite to be skeptical.

Pat Hickey 9:54 AM  

Let's keep a lid on the 'terrorist with a badge B.S. at least!

Come off of it! This Butthead will be some other sociopath's 'sweetboy' in a matter of months and well he should.

Extreme you are a news guy - I hope a little more hard-hitting than our Chicago titmouses - where is there a Hi-Lo Flyer - let alone a big-ass Conastoga Wagon doing 360o for this human garbage?

Where have you seen or heard One policeman - let alone - brass doing anything but throwing this clown under the fast moving bus of his personal history?

Please take a look at

for a sobering albeit salty estimation of this clown's actions.

What's next - Video Tape Reveals Pattern of Racism?

Come on EW - you are a sharp guy.

Pat Hickey 10:11 AM  

Extreme - just to sweep up the HS a bit:

'and other professions DON'T have the same power to harass people.'

Really? Like journalists - like Carol Marin helping to get Chris and Mary Fogarty locked up because she told the world that they were IRA hitmen?

Really? Conrad Black? Sounds like a peach of a guy and swell boss.

Really? Any number of Accountant's

Really? Ever been to an Auto mechanic?

Really? Ever have a community activist tell you 'just how many Zeros go into the word Justice$$$$$$' - we Have at Leo? And we called the Chicago Police Department.

The Jackasses got out in front of this one real fast! Maybe it really is not HS but JAS!

Surprised to see so many smart people thinking that it is a bouquet/

10:08 AM

Diane 10:16 AM  

But what about those other two guys at the bar? They did not help the woman at all, one left and the other moved out of the way until it occurred to him to make a call.

grand old partisan 10:30 AM  

Mink, thanks for proving my point.

There is an ALLEGATION that such threat was made, and you're treating it as concrete evidence of Bill's "pattern of abuse."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this guy is not guilty. He clearly is, and should face serious consequences. My point is simply that his guilt shouldn't reflect on any associations he has, be it racial, ethnic or professional.

We have a real problem in our society remembering the whole "guilty until proven innocent" idea when it comes to cases where the accused has (or is percieved to have had) disproportionate power and/or is a member of a clearly identifiable group. Teachers, priests, and cops who are accused of abuse see their careers forever tainted even if they are completely cleared. And, as I alluded to earlier, the actions of others in their group are often subconsiously used against them, which is a form of prejudicial prosecution.

Pat Hickey 10:52 AM  

How about it, Diane? A couple of real creme pouphes!

Mark Brown of the Sun Times carved those lillies up pretty fair.

I wish the heroes in the media would do a complellingly 'chilling' - one of the Progressives favorite words when not using olfactory metaphors that is - interview with Mr. Fixed -In - Time.

Some age we live in when the response to helping a tiny girl getting beaten by a drunk lard-ass is to think long and hard about one's options before clicking on the Cingular for back-up.

'Better check with my attorney; analyst, accountant and Tai Kwon Do Sensai, before I get in too deep. Discretion the Better Part of Valor. Yeah, that's it.'

Some wired in Progressive Pol wants to make some face-time in the mext few days amd will use

'Systemic Brutality Intrinsic to the Nature of All Chicago Police Officers' and try to get some Deep Thinkers ( Watch Chicago Tonight -Tonight)to really wet-themselves over the 'chilling' effect Law Enforcement has on us all -

Really. I mean it. Who's next? Arenda Troutman - Naw she's strapped - She'da Rode The 9 Down The Fool!

Bill Baar 11:04 AM  

I managed an Army computer room in the early 80s in Zweibruecken Germany. I had five GIs working for me; the oldest maybe 24.

They'd take 45 mins every day to do mil training and I remember them doing the training on abuse. It was pretty impressive and high level discussion of situational ethics for guys who mostly had GEDs. Stuff they took very seriously (and this was a far less professional Army then today's).

When that GI came forward and started the Abu Garib investigation I could just picture here's a guy who went through the same training. It worked late, but the sysem worked.

I don't think the CPD has the same kind of system. You let training go, and things go to heck fast.

A cop explained bad cops to me once telling me you don't wade in crap everyday without some of it sticking to your pants. I think it's clinging waste high in Chicago.

That no one seems to push the city on it, means it just gets worse.

If progressives find they are too preoccupied with Iraq to deal with this (read comment on SoapBlox Chicago) it's a real sorry comment on where they're at.

If the GOP had some smarts they'd be crying brutality just like a Militant from 1968.

Pat Hickey 11:19 AM  


Free Will was the foundation of Liberty - what happened?

Manchurian Candidate makes a great movie, but stuff happens.

This is an incident of a fat-assed drunken bully. Not the cybercop in a Schwatzeneger movie.

I believe the GOP and the Dems with any brains should give a giggle to anyone who thinks that this is any thing else.

Bill Baar 11:41 AM  

Sure stuff happens and it's the job of beaurcrats and the elected officals who appoint them to design a system that trains people to expect stuff to happen, identify stuff before it happens, and deal with it correctly when it does happen.

I don't think Chicago has that kind of system and the people who used to be critics of it, are part of the system now.... I think that explains the silence or shrugging of the shoulders from so many of them.

Pat Hickey 11:51 AM  

Bill I shovel the snow and cut the grass with Chicago Police Officers ( white/black and Hispanic all on Rockwell street) see them behave in bars, Parks, Mass, at the gas station, and in action right here on 79th Street - nothing chilling, scarey, or Orwellian.

I don't need to wait to be straightened out by any activist, political clown, editor, or think-tank.

Nothing to see here folks! Just women and men doing their jobs. Like that kid O'Connor going to work at the Englewood and dragging the families out of the burning house - less than chilling.

Glad that bar had the camera - now there is a bit of Orwellian irony!

Rob 12:12 PM  

GOP writes:
There is an ALLEGATION that such threat was made, and you're treating it as concrete evidence of Bill's "pattern of abuse."

Well, at some point you do start to notice a pattern!

Look, as disturbing as the attack is, it's a single crime. But if it's true that "someone came into the bar before last call and offered her money to forget about the attack," well then it's an institutional problem that needs to be dealt with.

Pat Hickey 12:45 PM  

Rewind the tape! There's the ominous ne'er-do-well! On tape as well as the drunk bully! Sic Semper

grand old partisan 1:51 PM  


"if it's true that 'someone came into the bar before last call and offered her money to forget about the attack,' well then it's an institutional problem that needs to be dealt with."

Only of the person offering the money and the attacker are part of said institution, which is - at this point - merely an unsubstantiated assumption on your part.

Bill Baar 2:20 PM  

Before giving the institution a pass here, whether someone went back to the bar, I'd like to know if CPD is looking for patterns among it's members. I'd like to know if this guy was a lose cannon and lots of people knew it in CPD and did nothing.

I haven't googled around much for what pols are saying on this story... I think it's time for some independent people to come to Chicago and take a look at this department.

Anonymous,  2:29 PM  

Yeah, it's really hard to believe that the CPD, which tortured 100 suspects between the early 1970s and early 1990s, would not only have an abusive a-hole in its ranks, but that the department would circle the wagons to protect him.

Pat Hickey 3:27 PM  

Call Pa, Caleb, Essau, Aminidab, Trustfund and Increase in from the threshing!

Get to mobilizin' before it's too late and get Biblical on the Institutional rapscallions!

Take the Winnowing Switch, Anonymous, you'll need it! Give it to them Rascals a Sound One!

Jeehova! Smite them Canaanites But Soundly!

Jeremiah,  10:14 PM  

This is a good cop, just like Jon Burge and McDermott, Dignan, Madigan, McWeeney, Byrne, Boffo, Pienta and the other tough guys.

Jon Burge is going to get the security contract for the Olympics.

Dignan,  10:22 PM  

They covered up the Burge torture in Areas 2 and 3 for years. So what do you expect from a drunken violent jerk.

One of the detectives is a convicted felon (who was suffocating prisoners and was selling LEADS information to FBI agents) has Phil lyin Cline as a witness in his hearing, and has a patronage job as an investigator in the Public Defenders office.
How many Sheriffs and State's Attorney political patronage accussed of patronage ex violent police hacks (mostly Irish from the 19th ward) have great retirement jobs from Jeremiah Joyce? more than one
cops get away because they are protected

Anonymous,  11:11 PM  
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Pat Hickey 8:15 AM  


Siamese Twins? Or do you work out of the same brain pool?

You have a limited repertoire of whinning girly complaints that pops up all too frequently.

Hit Life's refresh button, boys - broaden your interests; read some poetry( Dryden, Pope, Johnson, Swift for staters); ask a pretty girl out for a soda ( fizzy pop and ice cream - not the Peoria variety); develop some work skills and eventually a work ethic, that will give you boys the power to face the world without the disappointed and sad outlooks that hope for a punishment on people you seem to believe to have wronged you.

It's not going to happen.

Or, line up with that friend of reform, lawyer Frank Avila ( he's got poor Maria Nino working overtime on all the Blogs), and take what falls to the floor.

It seems to me that you two boys won't mind that at all

Anonymous,  9:53 AM  

You're right, Pat. We should shut up and allow Daley and his guys to do anything they wish. Let's get some do-nothing politically connected Hired Truck firms rolling again. John Daley must miss those insurance contracts. Who are we to question what royalty in the 11th and 19th Wards do?

Pat Hickey 10:05 AM  

. . .or wait for Pat Fitzgerald put your lives on the road to sunshine and buttercups!

Jeff Wegerson 4:11 PM  

Not instead Bill, but in addition. We hippies have a saying, "think globally, act locally." So yes we should resist local police brutally and at the same time resist the authoritarian (totalitarian) national security state of "Patriot Acts."

Jan Townsend,  10:13 PM  

What about cops like accussed pervert and molester Gerald Briemon? Look at the Channel 9 story of the poor girl from Oregon.
They got him on tape. This was covered up and tapes were destroyed and the politically connected mother intervened. Ed Genson and/or Terry Gillepse may get involved. This sexually warped wierdo caught on tape Gerald Briemon is still working at the 311/911 center. Politically connected cops.

Bill Baar 6:17 AM  

O'Reilly had Ms Obrycka and her attorney on his show last night. (Jeff W.: note progressives not expected to carry the charge here; O'Reilly doing the conservatives share).

The Lawyer said Abatte would never have been able to become a cop except through his connections.

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