Thursday, August 03, 2006

Welcome to FCI Terre Haute

Noticed a familiar name entering the Federal Correctional Institution at Terre Haute.

ok, I removed it... per comments below

cross posted at Bill Baar's West Side.


Lovie's Leather 2:39 PM  

You're always trying to be funny, aren't you Bill. If you did not get this... read this...

Anonymous,  2:51 PM  

He tries, but fails.

Anonymous,  3:07 PM  

Ditto. Say what you will about Creamer, but the bit about conjugal visits is gratuitious and tasteless. I'm glad Bill has tamed his ego enough that he's not posting 3-4 times a day, but a little more brevity might be a good thing.

Bill Baar 3:09 PM  

I used to volunteer at Cook County with the Safer foundation long time ago.

Everyone should spend a little time in one. There's no BS and a surprizing clarity there.

Unlike the mumbo jumbo we hear from some of our Reps.

Anonymous,  3:24 PM  

This isn't an opinion or idea, it's just low. You've shown yourself to be the worst sort of poltical animal. Do you think this is even an effective "argument" to put forward? Do you think you add to the credibility of bloggers by going there, or are you, like you corperate heroes at Wal Mart leading a race to the bottom?

Bill Baar 3:36 PM  

It's not an opinion or idea for sure; or argument for much of anything.

It's a fact.

A fact that tells us how low the culture of corruption has gone in Illinois.

So low that politicians rant about cultures while avoiding the dirt in their own party.

That's what bends me out-of-shape.

Gulf War Veteran,  4:05 PM  


You are a sick anti-semite for this post. Go have a drink with Mel Gibson.

Rich Miller 4:47 PM  

Um, what did I miss... or should I even ask?

Bill Baar 4:58 PM  

I had a link to the prisons policies on visits.... which was found in poor taste... so I removed it.

I'll take that hit and concede.

Now how Gulf Vet (are you in Wash DC?) made a leap to a charge of anti-semitism and Mel Gibson is an interesting move.....

Anonymous,  12:02 AM  

The media really gave convict con artist Cramer a real pass

Cal Skinner 10:58 AM  

Without this post, I would not know he was in prison.

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