Monday, August 21, 2006

Obama walks on water in Africa

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Yesterday Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) thrilled residents of Capetown, South Africa by walking from their city onto the Indian Ocean waters to the former prison at Robben Island--where Obama viewed the onetime jail cell of former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Did I make that stuff up? Yes. But some people are treating Obama as if he was the Savior. Earlier this month, Michael Madigan ridiculed magazine cover boy Obama as "the Messiah.

Here's an AP article about Obama's extended African trip. In the article, there is no mention of any legislation Obama has sponsored being enacted into law during his 19 months as a US senator.


Ruberry Sucks,  5:16 PM  

He probably hasn't passed any legislation because the GOP controlls congress. You are pathetic.

John Ruberry 5:29 PM  

I like your handle....Somehow Teddy Kennedy gets stuff passed.

Bill Baar 6:07 PM  

The Africa trip is a good thing to do ....

...but I worry with the hype, he'll turn himself into a joke.

He's getting close to that.

Bill Baar 6:20 PM  

Compare how Obama handles himself in his first term to what Clinton did... She built a reputation as a very competent and saavy senator.

Amy Allen 8:51 PM  

Aw...he talks pretty. Isn't that good enough? :)

Anonymous,  9:26 PM  

This is what people want in a polotition. Someone that looks good and does nothing and says even less.

Bill Baar 9:47 PM  

...but never a joke.

That's what Madigan is turning him into with the Messiah crack.

Yellow Dog Democrat 11:37 PM  

What makes you so sure Madigan was ridiculing Obama? I think he was ridiculing Democrats, who keep praying for a savior when they should be knocking on doors and talking to voters.

Remember, in America, "Messiah" is a democratically elected office.

Heck, we've got a President with a holier-than-thou attitude now who waited until 2,500 American soldiers were dead to consider the fact that things might not be going so hot in Iraq.

Wonder if he still thinks his biggest mistake was trading Sosa?

Anonymous,  11:40 PM  

You said, "there is no mention of any legislation Obama has sponsored being enacted into law during his 19 months as a US senator" and this is one question I have been asking others for over a year now. Let me also ask, what legislation "HAS HE INTRODUCED"?

Anonymous,  12:32 AM  

Maybe he should criticize his masters and their nation of Israel who helped South Africa proliferate with real WMDs during apartheid.
One apartheid state to another (with very close ties including nuclear)
Obama does what he is told
follow the money

Bill Baar 5:50 AM  

What makes you so sure Madigan was ridiculing Obama?

I don't think it was a compliment.

Bill Baar 6:12 AM  

Here's an example of what I mean.

South Africa could have easily fallen into the kind of communal violence Iraq faces today.

It didn't. The world should give it some credit for that.

Instead of treating Africa like a basket case, it would be nice to hear Obama tell them we could learn something from you.

SA also contributes the largest number of private security forces to Iraq.

If Duckworth thought Iraqi contracting was a problem, these are the contractors that were problematic.

It would be nice to hear Obama talk about this too.

But it just doesn't seem like that kind of trip.

Pat Hickey 8:06 AM  


Right on the nail's head. Democrats need to get off their 'grass-roots' band-wagons; avoid the tinsel-town tramps, trollops, and tin-horns, check with the Union rank and file (the real trades unions, that is, I mean the ones with membership that own, homes, pay property taxes and really vote because they have voters registration cards) and not the T-shirt buying bargain basement loud-mouths WADR; and talk to the people whose sons are on their second and third deployments over-seas, while giving Cindy Sheehan and her ilk a seat on the comfy couch.

That seems to be what Madigan is talking about - maybe the junior Senator from Illinois, a man of unquestioned talent and moral backbone should take a seat in Speaker Madigan's barbershop.

A visit to the old sod is nice, but last I heard my cousin in Crinna can't vote in Precinct 23.

Bill Baar 8:33 AM  

That's the problem with the Democrats Pat.

The blue collar folks are no more.

Look at the Stats on the Lamont Lieberman race here and here (PDF file).

Pat Hickey 9:05 AM  

Well, I'm ring around the collar, Bill.

There is an army of Democratics voters waiting 'not to be talked down to.' We might even win a few more Presidential races. What some folks call union voters the newly massive unskilled monstrosities that pulled Sweeney's britches down last year often can not produce a voters registration card, but they make good TV with United T-Shirts and such. I hope that Windy City Silk - Screening is getting some of that work from ol'Andy Stern.

the Other Anonymous,  9:16 AM  

A little reality check about how the Senate works: very few freshman senators get a bill passed on which they are chief sponsor, especially if the other party is in control. This ain't the Statehouse, people, and different rules and expectations apply.

The only bill Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), also a freshman, passed was a bill naming a federal building after Rosa Parks. Ken Salazar (D-CO) got one private bill passed and one bill naming a post office.

Obama did get S2125 -- involving security in Congo -- passed out of the Senate, and he's sponsored quite a few other bills.

On the other hand, I think Obama is doing something quite extraordinary. He is re-defining how we debate issues in America. He is connecting traditional liberal concerns -- poverty, civil rights -- to Americans' deeply held ideals.

Pat Hickey 11:03 AM  

'On the other hand, I think Obama is doing something quite extraordinary. NOTE WELL + He is re-defining how we debate issues in America. He is connecting traditional liberal concerns -- poverty, civil rights -- to Americans' deeply held ideals.

The above stated is why Democrats keep losing Nationally - they tell us WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!

Traditional Democratic - not necessarily 'liberal' - concerns' are:

Food, Shelter, Clothing, Medical Care, Nation Defence, Law Enforcement, the Right to Collective Bargaining, & etc.

Levois 11:14 AM  

It would be a shame if Obama becomes a joke. I think he is really good for the Democratic Party right now. I just wish he'd come up with some workable initiatives.

Pat Hickey 11:21 AM  


Absolutely! Obama is one of the finest people in public service, but once the dunces get their hooks into him he's screwed.

the Other Anonymous,  11:50 AM  


I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

Is it that Democrats are losing because people feel they are patronizing when they discuss issues?

Well, I don't think that Obama is patronizing when he talks about issues. I also think it is the duty of our elected leaders to set the agenda. The agenda should reflect priorities that increase the general welfare of people; but it's part of the job of elected officials to figure out how to solve social problems.

Is it that you see poverty and civil rights as somehow inconsistent with the list of "traditional" Democratic issues?

I don't see any contradiction between poverty -- especially these days when income inequality is rampant -- and housing or health care.

At any rate, I believe that Obama is redefining the debate on a lot of the issues you list as Democratic.

Pat Hickey 1:17 PM  


'I'm not sure what you're trying to say.'

Therein lay the problem. Avoid Rhetoric and sweeping generalities and things get pretty clear - or so I'm told.

JB Powers 6:17 PM  

Hmm..Obama was one of the advocates of the Bridge to Nowhere. He is also leading the fight in the Senate to maintain ethanol tariffs inflating the price of gasoline $.50 a gallon. Isn't that enough legislation for 1 man?

Anonymous,  6:32 PM  

jb powers,

Thank you! I would use my login name but it appears I forgot my password and nothing will let me obtain it...


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