Wednesday, August 29, 2007

That Rasmussen Poll

I think I'm the last guy in Illinois to prefer calling himself a Liberal (of the Joe Lieberman Tony Blair sorts) instead of Progressive. If this stuff all correlates the way it seems, I may have to chuck the label too.

7* In political terms, is Illinois becoming more liberal or more conservative?

53% More Liberal
21% More Conservative
26% Not Sure

8* Looking out over the next couple of years, will the quality of life in Illinois get better, worse, or stay about the same?

15% Better
40% Worse
39% The Same
5% Not Sure

9* How do you rate the economy in Illinois today—Excellent, good, fair, or poor?

3% Excellent
31% Good
45% Fair
21% Poor
0% Not Sure

10* Over the next couple of years will the economy in Illinois get better or worse?

21% Better
43% Worse
26% The Same
10% Not Sure


Anonymous,  12:37 PM  

If understand the poll, as we Illinoisians are becoming more liberal, we expect the quality of life to get worse, 66% believe the economy is poor to fair AND we expect it to get worse.

If that is the case, then:

a. liberalism leads to pooer economic conditions....
b. the solution is anything but liberalism or progressivism?

I agree with that author, with the Dems firmly in control of Illinois, the government is in gridlock, no poilitical solutions seem on the horizon and the poll believe that things are economically on the decline... no one in his right mind wants to be called a liberal or progressive!

Who will rise to the challange and turn this ship of state around? Anyone?

JSFan,  1:17 PM  

Your reaching conclusions remind me of an old axiom:

All cats die.
Socrates is dead.
Therefore Socrates was a cat.

Bill Baar 2:19 PM  

All cats die.
Socrates is dead.
Therefore Socrates was a cat.

Yes, but are voters are buying the logic is the question.

Gish,  11:09 AM  

Yes. Our situation is believed to be worsening primarily because our state is becoming more liberal and definitely not because the respondents have little faith in either the national or state executives.

Oh wait, questions 1 and 2 asked that and both were rated primarily poor. Well shucks! That might explain why people think things are getting worse. Oh but that does change poor Bill's picture as to how becoming more liberal ruins things. Oh but then it ruins anyone's picture trying to claim causality based on questions that lack specific correlation.

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