Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Governor Vetoes Legislative Pork – Want to Apply $463 Million to Health Care Program

Since the Governor’s Office stopped sending me press releases, I haven’t printed any.

I’ll make an exception today because he vetoed the pork-member initiatives-earmarks, whatever you want to call it, out of the budget bill and is trying to allocate the $463 million to get his health program off the ground.

That will, of course, build a big hole in the budget for next year, and, if demand is greater than expected, a gap that needs to be filled before next July 1st.

The legislators can override his line item vetoes with a bare majority vote. I would not assume that won't happen.

I well remember what the veto session was called under the last Democratic Party governor, a populist with fewer big spending ideas named Dan Walker.

We all called it the "veto override" session.

I have read the press release and no where does he mention his goal is to force Illinois taxpayers to pay for the health care of illegal aliens.

Little wonder why, because if that were known the idea would sink like a millstone.

The governor is removing the $500 million, presumably with his line item veto power, but, as is typical with this chief executive, no paperwork but a press release has been filed.

Take a look at the press release. Use my perceptual screen and you can see where the illegal aliens will obtain health care.

You can, of course, sense my frustration that the real motivation behind the governor's health care initiative is never mentioned in news stories. If a politician is trying to accomplish a major change in public policy, he or she should be forthright. That is not an attribute of the governor in his health care proposal.

The press release can be found here at McHenry County Blog.

The governor's summary chart can be enlarged by clicking on it.


Anonymous,  9:26 AM  

Cal - According to all the draft of his healthcare plan, you would have to be a citizen or permanent resident to be eligible for any state assistance. So, your xenophobic fears are unfounded.

Southern Right,  1:27 PM  

Anonymous... If this is going to be an extention of the Allkids program, they have a don't ask don't tell policy. Cal has every reason to fear this and all the Governors half baked ideas.

Cal Skinner 8:12 PM  

If state policy-makers want to give health benefits to those who are not here legally, so be it.

Just have the courage to make that goal public.

Anonymous,  9:41 PM  

illeagals get free health care already. free for them taxpayers pay for it.

Disgusted,  5:21 AM  

Is the man insane? All Kids doesn't work now. Why add more people to a program that no doctor wants to be a part of? Try paying providers on time and you'll get somewhere. But I suspect that in order to get the cash to promote this extension of existing programs, the payment schedules will slip back into the 120 day range again. Way to go, gov., really tick off the people you expect to provide your exalted health care plan. Nice job.

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