Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Arellano, Durbin, Obama, and Guttierez

Deb Saunders on Arellano's Overdue Departure,

Clearly, Arellano believes that she has not only a right to violate American law, but also that she should be rewarded for doing so. "God wants me to serve as an example of the hatred and hypocrisy of the current administration," she told the Chicago Tribune.

It's that attitude that has many Americans wondering why it took so long for authorities to deport Arellano.

Thank Congress. Illinois Democrats -- Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Luis Guttierez -- sponsored "private bills," special legislation designed to help an individual or named group, to make Arellano a permanent resident. (Durbin cited Saul's need for American health care due to a "medical emergency" -- reportedly attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other health problems.) While the bills didn't pass, they served to delay Arellano's deportation.

While Arellano has urged supporters to pressure Durbin and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., to introduce "my private bill" again, neither senator has obliged.
Whatever you think about Arellano, it's pretty clear Durbin's not a guy you want to count on when winds change.


crash-dev 12:17 PM  

This is a quote from the RealClearPolitics Article:
"According to ICE, Arellano was 'working illegally for a janitorial services business whose employees had access to security sensitive areas.' Subsequently, Arellano was convicted for using someone else's Social Security number -- a felony."

So either this company knew it was hiring illegals, or it was duped. Either way given that we are talking about "security sensitive areas" that sound pretty bad to me.

Americans who break the law should be treated more or less harshly than foreigners?

What was the punishment for this company?

we split apart a family for breaking the law, we do it all the time. I'm reasonably sure there are more prisoners in this country than family farmers. The people at the company who hired the illegal workers will still be with their families, they probably won't even pay a fine. I admit I have no idea in this case what the facts are, and I would welcome them.

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