Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Emil Jones - Rod Blagojevich Pay Raise: will the GOP push it?

From Eric Krol's review of Emil Jone's year a few days ago,

Critics blasted Jones for cutting a deal this week with Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich: in return for not overriding Blagojevich’s budget vetoes (and keeping the governor relevant), Blagojevich signed the pay-raise legislation Jones wanted. “I’ve been fighting for these pay raises for a year,” a proud Jones said after his fait accompli.

A midnight deal to raise lawmakers’ pay by 10 percent? That, more than anything from this ill-fated session, could resonate with voters, assuming Republicans push it next year.
John Ruskins at least gives a nudge of a push over at Illinois Review.

Don't bet on Illinois Green's rocking any boats in Springfield with this one. Look at their outdated website. Those Ron Paul kids showed how activists can use enthusiasm, a camera, and the internet to get a point accross.

Illinois voters gave Greens a chance last election, and the Democrats gave Greens a perfect opportunity to leverage that chance into something with weeks and weeks of a tragic soap opera in Springfield.

All Greens needed was some enthusiasm and a camera to start pumping out those You Tube videos.

Talk about a Party that blew it.

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Anonymous,  12:47 PM  

let's don't forget the proposed budget has a larger raise

Helena,  3:33 PM  

Isn't it actually a 13 percent raise.
Counting the 3.5 percent in the budget proposal.

But Illinois taxpayers are so....
gullible. You can put anything over on them and they barely squeak.

And Blago knows that even if they wanted to, Republicans are too weak
to profit politically from this.
Plus, Republicans no doubt need the money. Contributions and bribes are probably down.

If this helps anyone, it would be
Lisa or Alexi in the primary, and we haven't heard a lot out of them. Come to think of it, don't they get the same raise the legislators do? No wonder.

Paulron,  3:57 PM  

Frankly, if you're a state legislator and you need a pay raise, you're an idiot. Just get a realtor's license or set up an insurance agency or something, and there will be plenty of people who want to do business with you as a state legislator. You don't even need to be corrupt about it, people will just want to seek out the services of their state rep just so that they can better have your ear. This pay raise is pure greed.

Paulron,  4:13 PM  

Does Rich Whitney's 10% give the Greens easy-access in Cook County elections too?

Also, where the heck is Rich Whitney? You're dead on about them dropping the ball. Have both IL parties ever been this embarrassing at the same time?

Ron Paul 2008!

Disgusted,  6:57 PM  

All the elected inhabitants of the State House and the bunker in Ravenswood are just stomach-turning. What poor excuses for leaders they are. I would respect them more if they came right out and said, "I don't care what you want or what you think, taxpayers. I'm just here for the money and my ego." If anyone thinks that elected officials are responsive to the voting public/taxpayers, this 13% raise and Mr. Jones' comments and his actions on behalf of his family should point out the error in your thinking.

DuPage Saint,  7:13 PM  

Of course the Republicans are going to fight the pay raise. Hell just froze over.

Jeff Wartman 8:27 AM  

The fact that the state legislators and the Governor have let this go on three months past the budget deadline yet still can come together to pass a pay raise for themselves is absolutely sickening.

These people have been in Springfield for too long and need to be removed.

steve schnorf 10:27 PM  

Well, Jeff, the way they seized power in that armed midnite coup, I don't know how we'll ever get them out. If only we could have elections.

joeetaylor 2:01 AM  

Dear Gov blagojevich, Hope you read this! I know why this has happend,because the letter I wrote you.(2 yrs ago)and not because of any otheir reason and the secret will come out.Or just maybe it won't!I beleive in what I said in my oath as I joined the military to protect the nation from all enemy's.In witch I'm not! I grew up really hard and really didn't know what stonewall was.I partied alot and ditch in school.I was told to stay away from politics as a kid and beleive me thats what i was trying to do.and NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPEND "if,you know".Didn't have to be t.v. sized to begin with That's how you all pushed me out here And i thank everyone it was a national level of love at first.I begging you for forgiveness.I know the mass transit bit and everyone loves earmarks it but this one is wrong you know it, just wanted for us all to walk away not consitering how to pay for the damages.I've always been a democrat you know I voted for you and some where in my head i figured i could get rid of a bad president.That was nieve alot of people pulled together to point me in the right direction.(to many).that was the problem wouldn't you say!It would have only taken one.just forgive and i'll go back to school and become a good worker once again.Look at me you know since this all has happend I've for the most part i've have stayed to myself.otheir than my trips to the hospital I'll marry linda kim if need be I'm not gay(i'll do gay porn,only if i can live.Scared as hell you got me I must say I"M SORRY.I didn't know I've already meet one monument insurance guy that told me his fav. pass time.AND its not the fault of the( mob or Black).They worked the hardest to save me.but now I bet none of them will ever look at me the same.And for the record I never autharized any movie to be made.Hollywood had a great year.Everyone was looking out for me and nobody told me.the simple truth.Maybe the judge should have talked to me plannly.I did give him a call.And told me the tale from the start It wouldn't have gotten any bigger from their.and Gonzo should stay he has my confidents.Like i said the secret is safe and i want to change my name.And forget that this year has ever happend I didn't know I really DIDN"T.this all started in feb.I've never watched the stock market before so I those invester are safe everyone I mentioned was only trying to help and the only reason I able to write this now is. because, I come from a very loving county and community.I should have stayed away from politics.They were write and so was my greatgrand mother when I was a small child everytime I went to visit her she alway's tryed to trick me into eating soap. If i wrote a book Just on the paradoc's in my life it would be a hoot.not all of them make me look good.what came I say I've been young dumb and ful of come.HA'HA.Fox is the greatest station on earth.please just let me live Ill even do some time if need be.But in ths case you know I wasn't wrong.and I want to thank the judge for his patience with me. The truth will come out and you'll know it wasn't the mob.

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