Tuesday, August 21, 2007

George Ryan Conviction Upheld

The racketeering conviction of former Governor George Ryan, a man who was elected state representative the same year I was, has been upheld.

Here is the Chicago Tribune article about the appellate court decision.

The decision was 2-1 that he had a fair trial.

When the appellate court took the case and allowed Ryan to remain out of prison during his appeal, it said that, if the conviction were upheld, he would be incarcerated almost immediately.

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The photo of an unsmiling George Ryan was taken from a photo used as evidence at his trial.


Patrick McDonough,  12:15 PM  

Thank You God, Thank You Jesus. Can we quit having a happy second? Let us focus our efforts on Ryan's Boss, Mayor Daley.

Anonymous,  12:40 PM  

Good riddens George!
Next up, Rod Corruptovich

Anonymous,  1:49 PM  

PLEASE learn that the purpose of this blog isn't to simply regurgitate news that is everywhere else, nor just to see your typewritten statements online.

Will you ever learn? Ever?

Bill Baar 2:40 PM  

Dan Walker's new book should be required reading for every Illinois Politician.

Walker began each chapter with a story from prison life. There's no country club prison life for sure.

Cal Skinner 2:05 AM  

I'm reading Walker's bio. It is fascinating.

I'm waiting to get to the parts where he was governor.

Bill Baar 7:05 AM  

Beginning each chapter with an account from prison was very effective.

It's really a book on abuse as much as a political bio.

The page on the gang rape of Walker's cellmate while the guards looked the other way should be required reading for public officials.

I'm going to try and get a letter of to DOJ through Hastert's office asking if these stories Walker related about Duluth were ever investigated. It's pretty strong stuff he's on record saying about the place.

Bill Baar 7:06 AM  

PS Maybe Walker says something about this at the end...I'm only halfway through....

DuPage Saint,  10:10 AM  

Little too early to gloat. As I wake up this morning he ain't in yet and I would not bet on him going anywhere. Good thing Gov. Rod had forsight to hire Big Jim for his transition team. Maybe Thompson still has a little pro bono work left for Rod

Anonymous,  4:11 PM  

Ryan was a great gov. Lets hope he never ends up in the joint.

He is to fine of a man for prison.

Good Luck, Gov. Ryan!

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