Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Austin Weekly News: Shooting death sparks outrage

AWN on the Aaron Harrison shooting.

I remember back in the 1970s a guy was burglarizing garages in Galewood. Police cuffed him but then the guy walked away from the squad and went trotting off down the ally. So the police shot him in the back, killing him, for trying to escape.

It was perfectly legal. The police lost their jobs for using excessive force, but they had violated policy, not the law.

So Zorn thinks Peraica doesn't stand a chance running for States Attorney,

Peraica, of Riverside, lost to Todd Stroger in November's election for Cook County Board president and will almost certainly lose again to whichever Democrat stands for state's attorney if he wins the GOP primary. But his zesty campaign rhetoric ought to make things interesting.
Some of that zesty rhetoric ought to shine some light on a CPD that's gone badly wrong, has been wrong for a long long time, and has destroyed the confidence and trust of Chicagoans with the CPD. Illinois's GOP thinks it's not their issue. Peraica should change that.

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Anonymous,  11:29 AM  

Real serious problems and lack of public confidence with Daley's police and Devine's States Attorneys.

Skeeter 4:55 PM  

How it is shocking that, when you point a gun at the cops, they shoot at you?

Bill Baar 7:00 PM  

The ME said Harrison died from a shot to the back.

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