Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fitz tackles the Chicago PD

Durbin should have been asking Gonzales what's taken so long.

Today's ST

The U.S. attorney's office has joined the ongoing criminal probe of an elite squad of the Chicago Police Department, working with Cook County prosecutors to investigate why police officials did not stop rogue officers who allegedly robbed and kidnapped civilians over at least four years, sources familiar with the investigation said.
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NWA,  10:28 AM  

Excellent news. I have zero tolerance for rogue cops, whereas the City of Chicago has lots of tolerance.

Disgusted,  5:16 AM  

It seems like each month there's a new investigation in Chicago and elsewhere around the nation by the feds. When are they going to get to our infamous governor. His admin. is as crooked as they come and there is plenty of proof. What's taking so long?

JB Powers 11:41 AM  

pfitz is too busy trying to prosecute Ed Vrdolyak for not taking a commission on a botched Real Estate project, Lord Black for having an incompetent Board of Directors, and George Ryan for being somewhat irritable...rather than actually prosecuting corruption.

I keep wondering what pfitz could do if he was actually prosecuting criminals, rather than punishing people the press does not like, as he does seem to be very effective at convicting the politically unpopular.


Anonymous,  10:27 AM  

Based on what Illinois citizens have seen happen to George Ryan after being found guilty, these rogue cops will spend a ton of money for ethically flawed defense lawyers, they will get lots of free media publicity, and they will die of old age before they ever see the inside of a prison due to the appeals process and the slow as a snail pace of the judicial process.

Personally, I think Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI deserve a place in heaven for the stress and high level of frustration that they have thrown at them by these federal judges who do not have to live in "the real world".

plutocrat 03,  5:21 PM  

Pfitz was sidelined by the bogus Scooter case and is back.

Unfortunately there is enough crime and graft in the State of Illinois to keep him occupied for years.

I hope that he can concentrate on making sure the previous Governor starts to serve some real jail time, contrary to JB Powers, "Lord Black" who defrauded his stockholders, Fast Eddie whose ego finally got in the way of good judgement should join them in a perverse, 'they can't do this to me' coffee klatch.

Our dear current Gov should spend time in the vertical bar hotel for no other reason than defrauding the taxpayers for his used and abused King Air mileage. The rest of his behavior is insurance.

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