Thursday, August 23, 2007

How Aurora did with the veto pen....

How Aurora Did (looking at budget items that contain the word Aurora excluding IMSA)

$250,000 For Operation Ceasefire for the City of Aurora -- Vetoed
$ 18,656 For flodd control on Indian Creek -- Survived
$200,000 For the new police station -- Vetoed
$ 75,000 For Aurora Township for programs -- Vetoed
$ 20,000 For A grant to AU for working with East and West Aurora SDs -- Vetoed
$250,000 For Provena Mercy at either the Aurora or Elgin locations -- Vetoed
$100,000 For infrastructure improvements. -- Survived
$ 60,000 For Aurora Family Counseling Service -- Survived

Final Score

$545,000 To local government entities Vetoed
$118,000 To local government entities Survived

$250,000 To local non-profits Vetoed
$ 60,000 To local non-profits Survived

Glad we have a Democratic state senator, Democratic Mayor and Democratic state rep and a lobbyst so we don't get jerked over during the budget process.


More at OneMan's Thoughts including what the governor's press releases say about the importantance of Nursing Education vs. what his veto pen says...


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