Monday, August 27, 2007

The governor sues the speaker

The already strained relationship between Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his fellow Democrat House Speaker Michael Madigan took another hit Monday. The governor officially filed a lawsuit against the speaker alleging Madigan “blatantly disregarded constitutional proclamations issued by the governor.”

The governor’s complaint, filed in Sangamon County Court August 24, says Madigan devised a “scheme” that constituted “unauthorized and escalating acts aimed at eradicating the governor’s constitutional and statutory powers.” In one instance, Madigan called a special session earlier than the governor proclaimed so representatives could go home that Saturday and come back Sunday night. The compliant also says he didn’t require his members to attend another special session, failing to convene a quorum and preventing the chamber from conducting business as the record overtime session continued.

“These unlawful acts by Madigan were all taken while the state of Illinois was facing the very real prospect of a government shutdown caused by the lack of a budget,” the complaint says.

Steve Brown, Madigan’s spokesman, said the speaker’s office will file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in the next couple of weeks. “[The governor] made a farce of the special session process, and this is just a continuation of that,” he said, adding the speaker recognizes the governor’s power to proclaim special sessions and complies each time.

We’ll see whether anything changes if and when the governor calls another special session, as indicated by the complaint: “The governor intends to call additional special sessions in the near future to address significant issues facing the state, including issues pertaining to the Illinois transportation systems which impact more than 2 million commuters per day.”


Patrick McDonough,  5:16 PM  

Why is the "Hon" John Fritchey crying like a baby? Don't you think our elected officials in Illinois should be working full time year around? It is time to end the part time politics in Illinois. John D'Amico makes about $85,000.00 a year or more at the Department of Water Management and he is a State Rep. Throw John D'Amico and Fritchey out of office. Patrick McDonough

Anonymous,  6:50 PM  

i know things get a little out of pocket over at Cap. fax from time to time, but despite some idiots going over board , some comments though direct and maybe a bit raw, as in truthful obsevations are deleted. it's his blog to be sure. but those who differ & those direct comments, now deleted comments, not deragatory in nature as in name calling are gone hmmm? this whole mess and special session business is crazy,law suits, plane rides & general mayhem is getting old. they know it or should. people are expressing the frustration with our gov't under siege & are tired of our governor & our elected officials making a game of all this. it's just getting a bit much & should be cited & discussed as it is ! There's trouble in this state that needs serious people & they're in short supply.

Hon. John Fritchey 9:18 PM  


You know me better than to think I'd be crying about this. The point I made on my blog is that the lawsuit is disingenuous and likely without legal merit. No more, no less.

I have no problem standing by my work output and the results that I've accomplished for my constituents and the people of our state since I've been in office.

Interesting how people's opinions change over time. Still not sorry I stood up for you though :)

Anonymous,  12:00 AM  

The last thing we need is full-time politics in Illinois. Isn't enough that we pay politicians for working nine months a year? Do we really want them sitting around Springfield dreaming up new was to erect barriers to freedom, prosperity and happiness?

Anonymous,  6:05 AM  

See here's another example of the perception of government. There are some very good people down the doing a job, often with an amount of managed personal hardship to do so. they still manage farms, businesses & other careers. They should rec'v a good & reasonable wage because despite the fact they're not in Spfld, they are elected representatives & 50% of their job is handling constituient matters. I know of Rep. Fritchey & though I'm not of the same party or the same philosophy I respect him for his efforts & believe he's an honorable person. The real problem starts over at 207 in the Capitol. This guy has got things to work through but unfortunately does so in the media, always passing blame & how can he be front & center & gin up things to appear relevant. There are those who are making a mockery of gov't & the faith is dwindling by the public. The public epects our people elected to be a cut above, do what's right & handle the affairs of gov't in responsible & civil ways. Folks are just plain tired of this endless bantering & a governor who doesn't come to work & really engage the process.

Anonymous,  9:49 AM  

Please Patrick Fitzgerald remove this charlatan governor (Milarod Blagojevich) from office.
He is destroying Illinois!

Dog,  9:56 AM  

At the very least cut off Governor Blagojevich's campaign funds.

Bill,  12:51 PM  

Hey Patrick,
When was the last time you worked a full day on your job. Maybe if you had to earn your check for a change instead of getting paid for all of your phony claims and nonsense you would have less time to be a punk for Coconut and slander our fine legislators.

Patrick McDonough,  6:18 PM  

Bill, I work 16 hours a day during the coldest winter days, outside. I shut off fire hydrants to restore water pressure in the ghetto with gangs circling around my crew. It is not high tea at noon. I think we would best be served if all of us are not feathering the nest with double pensions. If you wish to "party" with me in the west side, just give me a call, you will last 5 seconds.

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