Saturday, August 18, 2007

Illinois Straw Poll with Ron Paul Activists

I got this video via a comment made when I talked about the Illinois GOP Straw Poll on my blog at the state fair this week. I know that this is more national in scope, but this is just one video about the straw poll where I'm sure there hasn't been much video coverage. There's probably more on YouTube if I get to looking.


Bill Baar 1:29 PM  

My neigbor just put up a Ron Paul sign on his front lawn.

Cal Skinner 8:05 PM  

Excellent catch!

Anonymous,  6:55 AM  

Nice video and addition to repub day.

Bill Baar 5:01 PM  

Ron Paul may well turnout to be the strongest anti-war candidate in the election given the Democrat's back peddling on the War.

Tony Blankley quoting Der Spiegel,

"The wind has shifted in Washington. America, not just its president, is at war. The Democrats are still critical of the failed Iraq campaign, but they are no longer opposed to the "War on Terror" in general. It has been accepted, and not just as a metaphor ... Ninety-two percent of Americans are opposed to an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, and a majority doesn't want to see the U.S.'s special detention camp at Guantanamo Bay closed. At the moment, the American electorate's biggest criticism of Bush is that he has not been aggressive enough in pursuing terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

"Indeed, when voters hit the ballot box in November 2008, they will be looking for more than just a candidate charismatic and clever enough to lead the country politically. They will also ask themselves which of the candidates is sufficiently tough, crafty and brutal to win the multi-front war that the Bush administration has begun.

Ron Paul may take the anti war vote out of the Democratic primaries.

Paulron,  5:59 PM  

I'm voting for Ron Paul primarily as an anti-war vote. But unlike other anti-war candidates, he won't spend the money saved from a smaller military on more government, but will give it back in tax cuts. Plus, he'll abate the way out of hand war on drugs.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of much of what the federal government does, here or overseas.

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