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Kos in Chicago

Well, are any readers or bloggers from here there?

Care to fill us in?

Considering Bill Daley's sage observation,

Instead of the state's elected leaders coming together in good faith to forge a common agenda, things have gotten personal and ugly among Democrats.

Republicans, meanwhile, are mindful of the age-old rule: Never interrupt your opponents when they are making fools of themselves.
I wonder if Illinois might be a preview of what the victory Democrats can taste in 2008 would bring us.

What's the Kos view of the foolishness in Illinois?

Update:Backyard Conservative picked up on Dick Durbin's use of the Senate's seal on his YouTube Video for the Kos convention. Also Reverse Spin and then Michelle Malkin and finally Durbin is no more before Kos. A commenter on Malkin's site sums up Illinois,

Look, Illinois is sorry, ok?

Can’t you just let it go?


Rob 5:26 PM  

Bill, I believe Rich Miller was scheduled to be part of a panel discussion on the very topic you bring up (Democratic control of executive and legislative branches).

Illinois Reason contributors were scheduled to attend and if they write on their experiences I'll ask them to cross-post at Illinoize for you and others to benefit.

It's odd how so many conservative-partisans have decided to attack what is essentially (and simply) a peaceable assembly of Americans to excercise their First Amendment rights for no reason other than that they hate the fact these people's ideas differ from their own.

Appears to be rank jealousy if you ask me.

Anonymous,  5:48 PM  

I am participating online, via Second Life. I've been disappointed with the how few of the workshops are actually being streamed into the virtual convention.

Extreme Wisdom 6:28 PM  


What attacks?

Anonymous,  1:00 AM  

Any mention of Kos by non-liberals is considered an attack aganist their First Amendment rights. That's how they hope to mute any criticism (also a First Amendment right) of their site.

BTW, rob, there are thousands upon thousands of comments posted and left on Kos that are anything but "peaceable".

Milton 6:43 AM  

The great Koz. The media's darling. Anybody but me find his site confusing and messy?

dan l 9:17 AM  

I'm not going. Surprise surprise. I don't want to go to a circus run by Markos "Screw Them" Molitsas Zuniga.

On the other hand, I may very well have dinner with a blogger or two this evening.

Anonymous,  4:32 PM  

The California election officials were right for banning the Diebold and Sequouia machines except for early voting. Also in stopping modem and internet transmission as they are prone to fraud and caused major problems in 06 and 07 in Chicago and Suburban Cook.

The elections were not fair nor accurate in the 06 primary and perhaps other elections.

There were significant and questionable links between Sequia and politically connected lobbyist Mike Kasper and others. Lots of people made money. Democratic Alderman Ed Burke had hearings on the business links to Venezuela and shell companies. Republican Chair at that time Maureen Murphy reported systematic flaws of computers not working and miscounts of votes.

Rob 12:22 PM  


Bill O'Reilly's "no spin zone" has been spinning like a top. He threw every epithet in the book at Yearly Kos, Daily Kos, etc. ("David Duke-like" ... "KKK" ... "Nazis" ... etc.).


"1:00am Anonymous",

Actually, any mention of Kos which distorts what actually is done at the site is considered an attack ... because it is.

You can disagree with the ideas presented there all you want, and be honest and up-front in your disagreement.

But pointing to a single comment about some mercenaries who were killed and received 10x the media attention of actual soldiers who were killed the same day distorts not only that series of events but also the entirety of that blog.

Finally, "1:00am Anonymous", I was talking about the convention.

I must have missed all the unpeaceable riots that happened at McCormick Place over the weekend...

(And if you have a problem with the off-color comments posted at Daily Kos, perhaps you have the same issues with the off-color comments broadcast by the likes of conservative spokesperson Bill O'Reilly. Then again, perhaps not "Anonymous", since you have profess no concern for those people with whom you, in the main, agree ideologically.)

Rob 12:35 PM  

PS Bruno,

Dan Proft's shrill screed about YearlyKos today is another such attack from a conservative-partisan. Nary a fact to be found, but plenty of over-the-top vitriol hurled at Mr. Proft's fellow Americans.

I can forward it to you if you don't subject yourself to his silly rants by subscribing.

Joe Moore,  5:59 PM  
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