Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dem day at the Fair

Today's ST,

Warring factions of Illinois' Democratic Party turned unity day Wednesday at the Illinois State Fair into a display of name-calling, booing and apologizing for a feud that almost shut down state government.

Organizers tried to focus on their common goal of electing Sen. Barack Obama president, but the diversion couldn't paper over deep cracks within the party, fissures caused by the caustic 10-week budget stalemate between Democratic leaders.

"It's embarrassing -- it's not the way people envision their leaders acting," Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias said. "I think the public is getting sick and tired of this."
Gives new meaning to Obama's statement on Rove,
Karl Rove was an architect of a political strategy that has left the country more divided, the special interests more powerful, and the American people more shut out from their government than any time in memory.
Except I can't figure out who's the architect of the strategy to divide in Illinois or even much about what it's about. Saying the Gov is insane doesn't work for me. Some Illinois Democrats must think there is political profit for them ,some how, in all of this.

It's just kind of hard for the rest of use to see.


Jeff Wartman 8:20 AM  

Both the Dems and the GOP in our state are absolutely insane...

Extreme Wisdom 9:17 AM  

Agreed Jeff,

Which is why we need to vote yes on a new Constitution, and develop a grass roots campaign to get the majority of 118 people with NO PAST POLITICAL OFFICE or ADMINISTRATION experience to write a new, shorter, cleaner, and simple Const.

The new Const. should completely scrap the old one. We need one that empowers citizens and radically disempowers the political class.

Some say it can't be done, and they may be right (I don't think they are).

But the $106 billion of unfunded liability, the complete lack of seriousness among the poltical class, and the current circus in Springfield all indicate that a Const. Conv. is the last, best chance to take the state back from the pigs (in both parties) who are destroying it.

Jeff Wartman 3:25 PM  


Agreed. The politics is our state is a joke and absolutely absurd. And, of course, the absurdity is 100% bi-partisan.

JB Powers 2:25 PM  

Obama claims

"Karl Rove was an architect of a political strategy that has left the country more divided,"

Thus Obama's record as the 4th most partisan voting Senator

"the special interests more powerful"

as Obama flies around in ADM's airplane and lunches with Tony Rezko

"and the American people more shut out from their government than any time in memory"

while Obama endorses a hereditary monarchial candidate for County Board President, and professes to be too busy to be aware of Illinos Politics.

What Audacity!

Anonymous,  8:57 PM  

Were you at the fair? Or the chairmans' breakfast? I was. None of the participants spoke with I'll will toward each other. Hynes spoke more of disappointment with what has gone but didn't directly criticize. The people (or person) who booed Madigan totalled maybe five people (I was standing right in front of them. And guess what, the hub gave the best speech of all in both events and had the crowd cheering for him. All in all it was a good day with a few blips. At least it was interesting. But it wasn't the meltdown that some in the press make it seem.

I was there,  7:19 AM  

Hynes embarassed himself by giving a speech about people possibly not getting paid when AFSME had to go to court to be sure HE paid them. (I do not think he's recovered since being blown away by Obama -- in spite of the Speaker's help and virtually every county chairman in the state.)

Even though Lisa Madigan was first elected, in large part because her Dad is Chair of the Dem Party, she blew off the fair as she did when Alexi won last year. (She's done a good job and we like her. This was unecessary.)

A loud chorus of people booed the Speaker. It was not appropriate no matter how much he has acted out of turn. Didn't he predict in Jan. that it would be a long summer. How did he know?

Emil looked like a proud Papa when he talked about Obama. I am sure it was special for him.

Alexi was great and shows a lot of promise -- especially with Obama at this side.

The Governor's case for heathcare drove virtually everyone to their feet.

Durbin was missed but he had a much more important duty..His daughter is being wed this weekend. (He graciously sent a large group for Obama.)

All in all, Alexi said it best. I paraphrase.."This is a family...We are fighting and I would rather be a member of this one than the other."

Anonymous,  6:46 AM  

I concur with "I Was There." The case the Gov made for Healthcare should have emabarassed those that merely say they are for things and will not fight for them. I also thought Hynes was over the top. I'm sorry to see him turn into that type of politician.

Disgusted,  6:25 AM  

I don't know if they are perpetually stupid or just lazy, but when will politicians realize that the vast majority of voters and taxpayers do not want a pseudo-monarchy for a government. We don't want a "House of Lords" or any other elitist leadership. We want someone who can do the job, keep spending under control and provide services to the citizens of this state, WITHIN REASON. The nanny state is absurb. The more you give people, the more they refuse to work. This comment, of course, excludes those who are not able-bodied and really need help from the rest of us.

Just run the state like the majority of voters and taxpayers run their own homes, paying their bills as they come due, saving something for a rainy day and taking care of your own business. Every time politicians act like elitists, they turn another voter againt them. Get over yourselves, you are looking ridiculous.

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