Friday, February 29, 2008

County Insider John Daley Threatens Tony Peraica

Apparently Tony Peraica has a account. And he uploaded the story about his Cook County Board meeting. I don't know when this story aired on CBS2Chicago, but it was a really interesting soundbite between Tony Peraica and his colleague John Daley. Daley in addition to being a Cook County Commissioner is also the 11th Ward Committeeman. So Peraica probably shouldn't take this too lightly. Although I have to admit if this was anywhere else in the nation Peraica could win it based off of this soundbite alone.


Anonymous,  3:34 PM  

The SA's election will be the battle of the videos. The Daleyites et. al will play Peraica's 2006 election night Boris Karlov march on the Clerk's Office and the Peraica squad will play John Daley's Send-em-an-Offer he Can't Refuse Clemenza Greeting Card.

Can't Wait!

fedup dem 5:35 PM  

From the reporter's comment that the deadline was 30 hours away, we can conclude that the report was aired on the 6pm newscast on Thursday.

You are correct in that John Daley sounded particularly arrogant there. Like his older brother, he has been around forever (in fact, Comm. Daley has been the 11th Ward committeeman since December 1980, which means he will soon exceed his father's tenure at that post). He also knows that between the Machine votes and the Hispanic voters in his ward, Tony Peraica will be crushed in the 11th Ward by Anita Alvarez in November. So John Daley can afford to be arrogant in this instance, even though it doesn't help materrs (as far as adopting a budget).

Anonymous,  6:57 PM  

Though John Daley is a far, far cry from an intellectual, even he must know Stroger's massive tax increase proposal was a farce. Problem is, he can't say anything negative about it. Rich Daley and John Stroger made a pact long ago to swing their voting bases toward each other as one's strength was the other's weakness. John will never oppose Stroger as he is, and always has been, little more than an appendage in his brother's machine, devoid of his own ambition outside of insuring Hired Trucks and others who do business with the city.

Anonymous,  9:22 PM  

President Stroger claims there is a $230 million deficit in the budget, yet wants to clear it up by imposing $1 billion per year in new taxes. The deficit statistics given by the Stroger administration change with great frequency, thus making it difficult to determine what the real deficit level is.

Even if the currently offered statistics were true, they do not justify adding $1 billion per year in new taxes. What do they plan to do with the additional $670 million?

Go Peraica!!! You just won my vote this fall! I didn't vote for you last time but don't worry I won't make that mistake twice. We will all be waiting to see what John Daley meant with his PUBLIC THREAT!

Anonymous,  12:24 PM  

Only a buffoon like Peraica could make John Daley look good by comparison.

anonomama,  4:59 PM  

I've never seens someone make a pure political threat like that in a public meeting. Unreal.

Anonymous,  6:15 PM  

Say what you will about him and a lot of people with "skin-in-the-game" do, but Peraica really gets these guys to unravel. In 30yrs of watching, I've never seen anybody who could get to them that easy. There must be an awful lot at stake.

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